FORBES Afrique Interviews 14-year-old Zuriel Oduwole for February 2017 Edition


Synonymous with incredible human accomplishments in business, and more recently civil society, the Forbes brand – founded more than 96 years ago in New York has earned its place in the global information circle of delivering relevant, riveting, and rewarding business leadership information.

Forbes Afrique, the Francophone Africa companion to Forbes Africa, which is distributed widely in all 23 Francophone African countries, including Switzerland, France and Belgium, has interviewed 14-year-old Girl Education Advocate – Zuriel Oduwole, for a major feature in their February 2017 edition to introduce her formally, to French Africa.

She talks about her ideas, her vision, her foundations work, and what she likes to do in the future.
In the summer of 2013 at the age of 10, Zuriel Oduwole made her Forbes Magazine feature debut, when theForbes Africa title recognised her early work in the girls education environment, before it became a ‘politically correct’ and well accepted kitchen table topic across the world.

Earlier in January 2017, she was honored in Washington DC by the US Secretary of State – The Rt Hon John Kerry, for her work in the area of Girls Education Development in Africa, and her new idea of skill transfer to unemployed youths on the continent. Zuriel, who has spoken to more than 24,900 youths in 11 countries, and met one-on-one with 23 Ppresidents to talk education policy, took it all in her strides. Former United State Secretary of State, John Kerry, described her as The Worlds Most Powerful Girl.