Battle of the Prophets! Pastor Tunde Bakare Dares Church GOs


•Calls them pentecostal rascals, money launderers

One falsehood spoils a thousand truths. Ask Pastor Tunde Bakare. The founder and General Overseer (GO) of the Latter Rain Assembly understands that if he fails to bellow the truth when he knows the truth, he undoubtedly makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers. This perhaps explains his recent outburst and criticism of fellow Pentecostal pastors. Bakare recently lampooned church leaders who were against the governance code issued by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria calling them ‘money launderers’ who were trying to cover up their ‘iniquities.’

He revealed that pastors opposing the act were desperately trying to prevent the public from knowing about the crimes of money-laundering they had indulged in by virtue of their positions. He however described some pastors as “Pentecostal, charismatic rascals” who do whatever they want even if the law says otherwise. He made the assertion soon after Pastor Enoch Adeboye stepped down as the G.O of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Bakare criticised fellow pastors who condemned the governance code. Some popular pastors in Nigeria, especially Winners Chapel founder, Pastor David Oyedepo, had condemned the removal of one of their own. This incited Pastor Bakare’s harsh condemnation of his fellow clerics. Interestingly, Oyedepo and co are surprisingly quiet in the wake of Bakare’s outburst. They probably dread exchanging words with the Latter Rain Assembly founder.

Even if his words land on skins and ruffles temperaments like medieval battle spears, The Emir of Kano, HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has spoken the truth and it will have to be swallowed by the northern elite. Recently, Sanusi urged wealthy Muslims in the north to stop building mosques and instead divert the resources to educating their girls. According to him “I’m just tired of people coming to me to say I want to build a new mosque. You know, we keep building mosques and our daughters are illiterates. So, my appeal is that if you really want to help Kano, don’t come to me with a request to build a N300m mosque because I have enough mosques everywhere. And if I don’t have a mosque, I’ll build it myself. If you really want to help, go and educate a girl child in the village.”

Discord rattles the marriage of Bimbo and her husband Yomi Folawiyo, like a guava tree caught in the path of a thunderstorm. As their marriage winds to a sad end, the couple engage each other in an ugly slugfest thus giving vent to that reciprocal struggle of discordant passion that elicits hatred and dissension between estranged lovers. The ill-fated marriage broke up some Mondays ago after a messy fight. Folawiyo’s wife, Bimbo, called him out for seeking their child’s custody. They even took their fight to the social media. For instance, Bimbo posted on Instagram few days ago that Yomi is seeking the custody of the only daughter in their marriage. Sharing the picture of the child, she wrote: “Us right now laughing our ass out. U denied my child, u tarnished my name, u paid mi evil for being good to u, u left, u tarnished my father’s name, u tried to sell out my uncle, u claimed my child was dead to get sympathy from public, u taught u were bringing mi down but ur lies lifted mi up cos I was true to u. Now u want custody of a child u denied?????? I will rather die than watch that happen.

You claim am not responsible. oh u r the responsible one ????? You destroyed my father’s name Kashaam with lies yet u want to protect urs???? No way!!!!!!” (sic).Bimbo, who has separated from Yomi, who is one of the sons of the late Baba Adinni, Alhaji Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, alleged in an interview with City People, that Yomi pronounced their daughter dead just to borrow money from friends. A close friend to the estranged couple disclosed that their once rosy marriage suddenly became a bed of thorns at the interference of Yomi’s friends. Another claimed Yomi suffered violence in the hands of Bimbo as she beats him at every opportunity. Bimbo reportedly failed to perform her duties as a wife rather she concentrated on her social life and business. Yet she allegedly prevented Yomi from hanging out with his friends. It would be recalled that Yomi also left his first wife and kids to marry Bimbo as a trophy wife years ago.