Charles Ahize Keeps Fans  Guessing


Charles Ahize means different things to different people: a businessman and socialite.

In business, his profile has been on the rise, especially as his Atlantic Automobile is setting the pace in the sector.

For many reasons, he enjoys the patronage of the high and the mighty who have a craze for the latest wonders on wheels.

While the foregoing is stating the obvious, what is news, however,  is the fact that the founder of the socio-political group, Ogboibo, has not been  attending parties too frequently.

However, Spyglass gathered that the powerful dresser is taking his time to develop his new project. Though the co-founder of the defunct night club, Tribecca, is still keeping the details of the deal close to his chest, those in the know confirmed that the business deal will be announced with a bang.

For a man who is known in the business circle as a master in the art of making money,  his fans can only wait patiently to see what he is up to.