‘Trump Up America’ Song by Nigerian-born Composer for Use at U.S. Presidential Inauguration


A Nigerian-born musician, Charles Okereke is offering his original composition, titled ‘Trump Up America’, for use at President-elect Donald Trump’s January 20 inauguration as an inspirational anthem that “trumpets” the traditions and freedoms of the United States.

Okereke, a Milwaukee resident, recorded ‘Trump Up America’ in April 2016. The song, subtitled ‘America Solidarity Anthem’, echoes classic American patriotic music. At just over two minutes, the composition features soaring trumpets, lilting soprano vocals, and lyrics that call upon citizens to “raise your heads with dignity.”
The song’s video opens and finishes with fireworks. Patriotic symbols fill the middle: the American flag, an eagle, the Statue of Liberty, U.S. Capitol and the White House.

“I am American, centre of democracy / Land of freedom equity / Trump up America, trump up!” its lyrics begin.
Okereke, 60, publishes two news-oriented web sites (Nigeria Masterweb and Africa Masterweb) for Nigerians, Africans and other followers of international events. The genesis of ‘Trump Up America’ was hundreds of calls he received from around the world following a fake video reporting that Trump, if elected, would deport Nigerians.

“I was getting over 10 calls a day lasting an average of 20 minutes each. It was very stressful,” Okereke said. “One morning I woke up with the song on my lips. I rehearsed it and headed to the studio not long afterward.”

Following its recording, Okereke offered the song to the Trump campaign to play royalty-free at its rallies. Trump himself tweeted a link to the song August 12. Still, Okereke insists the song is not a political statement.

“The song is inspirational,” Okereke said. “Its emphasis is that America should be cheered and sung, or trumpeted, for what it is: A nation where no man or woman, irrespective of their status, can take unilateral illegal or oppressive actions. My goal was to prepare Americans for any outcome of the election – hence its subtitle, ‘America Solidarity Anthem.’”
‘Trump Up America’ is available for purchase and download on Amazon Music and iTunes. Buyers can select the song as MP3 or audio CD with three different tracks, or a DVD of the video.

Okereke has been composing music since age six. He gained international recognition for his original compositions ‘God Bless Africa’, which won the African Union Symbols Competition, and ‘All Hail Biafra (Cry of a Biafran Child),’ which he wrote at the end of the Nigerian civil war.

“Hearing ‘Trump Up America’ at the President-Elect’s inauguration would be a tremendous honour,” Okereke said. “I love this great country. Hopefully the song will help others feel the pride that I experience every day.”