PinaZoom Cleaning Products to Offer Nigerians Better Experience


By Mary Ekah

Magic Products International Nigeria Limited (MPI), a manufacturer of Cleaning & Sanitary Products, has signed a joint venture partnership agreement with a leading American company, Magic Group International Inc. USA (MGI), to formulate and package superior products to offer consumers a better experience, through its dynamic innovation and research.

A joint statement issued by the Chef Executive Officer MPI, Gabriel Ojesekhoba along with the Chief Executive Officer of MGI, Mojisola Nubi and President MGI, Dada Ojesekhoba, disclosed that, “The formation of our business partnership commenced from noticing that there was a deficiency in the availability of good, premium quality Cleaning & Sanitary Products in Nigeria. Our area of expertise includes the development of industrial and consumer Cleaning & Sanitary products, in the USA, and packaging in Nigeria, with other West African countries in the pipeline. 
Our products are superior in quality, and amongst the best available in stores across Nigeria. The products on which more information could be found on, are also competitively priced, delivering great value for money to consumers”

The MGI/MPI partnership researched and tested Nigeria’s consumer demand in the cleaning and sanitary products segments. Their market studies revealed specific gaps, and concluded that consumers would switch to cleaning and sanitary products that are better than what is currently available in the market.

Ojesekhoba further said that Magic Products International (MPI) understanding of the Nigerian culture and social environment led it to branding and packaging decisions designed to capture market share. This formed its decision to enter a joint venture partnership with Magic Group International, to facilitate the manufacturing of the PinaZoom brands in America for packaging, sales and distribution in Nigeria by MPI. Magic Products International Limited will continue to introduce the PinaZoom brand into the Nigerian market, by offering effective products, which deliver value, and are better than current market leaders, in terms of consumer perception of these indices.

The partnership between MPI Nigeria and MGI USA promises to bring innovative ideas to the Cleaning & Sanitary Industry in Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan African market. 
Furthermore, the MGI/MPI partnership is a platform for research and development, to derive superior products in every cleaning & sanitary care category. Following extensive local product testing and validation of their quality, this joint venture led to the entrance of PinaZoom brand of products into the Nigerian market in June 2016. MPI Nigeria has since grown from a business idea into a company with adequate resources to deliver its objectives. The company engages different levels of distributorship to establish visibility in Nigeria and also other African countries. The current and planned product range includes: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Tile & Floor Cleaner, Dish Wash Liquid, All Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Glass Cleaner, Automobile Cleaner, Handwash and Sanitizer, Bath and Body Wash.