Another Re-dedication for the Church of the Pentecost


Mary Ekah
The Diocese of Lagos West (Anglican Communion), Church of the Pentecost, Festac Town, Lagos, recently held another rededication of its church building to the glory of God and exclusively for His use. The occasion spearheaded by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West, His Lordship, and the Rt. Revd. James Olusola Odedeji was one of the several expansions and rededication that the church has been through over the years.

Established in 1977 shortly after the black festival event, the Anglican occupants later came together for fellowship, which later turned to a church. And between 1977 and today, the growth both spiritually and physically has been greatly increased that there were need for expansions, the latest being the last expansion that was rededicated recently.

Speaking with journalists after the church service, His Lordship, and the Rt. Revd. James Olusola Odedeji said the significance of the re-dedication of the church building lies in the fact that, when something has just been done for God, it is ideal and scriptural that it is dedicated to God.

“This place has been dedicated before and now it has to be re-dedicated because we have expanded it and many other components have been added to it. This is significant, because this place is a hallow ground, away from profane and common uses but for the use of the blessed trinity, indicating that this place is exclusively for God. Dedication is setting apart – something that has been taken away from other uses but for God alone. Nobody eats in this place, nobody drinks there, the only food that is accepted here is the body of Christ and the Blood of Jesus, which we call Holly Communion,” he noted.

His message for the nation, specifically, was that, just as the church building was being re-dedicated, everybody in Nigeria should endeavour to be re-dedicated in the sense that everybody should be able to pray more, run away from sins and let love be shared amongst us.

“We must shun violence, unrighteousness and whatever amounts to ungodliness and whatever will tarnish the image of God must be avoided like a plague. That is what dedication should be to us as a nation. We should separate ourselves from all unrighteousness. We cannot wear two garments at the same time; you cannot put on righteousness and unrighteousness at the same time. Our prayer at this season should be that Almighty God should give us the grace to cast away the works of darkness and to put on the amour of God, which is the new man, the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Bible says to us that if anybody is in Christ, he is a new creator, so everybody should turn anew,” Odedeji noted.

On if the expansion of the church will also bring about numerical expansion, he said, “Yes, before the expansion was done, whenever I came here, I noticed that a lot of people were under the canopy outside, the church was not able to contain them anymore and it is unfair if some people are in the comfort of a church building while some people are outside feeling very uncomfortable, especially when it rains but with this expansion, the church building will contain everyone that comes for service. And we are still praying for more expansion in the nearest future, so if by tomorrow this place is grossly inadequate for worshippers, we would still look for a way of expanding it and that is evidence that the church of God is marching on, that the church is not stagnant but progressing and moving from one glory to another. “

The Vicar/Archdeacon of Festac Archdeaconry, the Ven. Israel Omotunde Owoyele, expressed joy that the church expansion and re-dedication was happening at his time. “I give glory to God for His grace and opportunity serve. I’m just an instrument in His hand, so I have nothing to say but thank you God.”
He called on the congregation to continue to remain focus onto God and also have faith on God “because what we have achieved today is by faith in that despite the economic recession we were able to put up the structure under one year. It is not by man’s power but the word of God says that with God all things are possible. So they should continue uphold God’s words and they would never be disappointed.”