New Manufacturing Firm, Tramontina Enters Aba


By Raheem Akingbolu

Brazil’s largest manufacturing company, Tramontina has entered Aba, Abia State  during the Yuletide.  Marketing Manager at Tramontina Nigeria, Funbi Sowande said: “At Tramontina, we are passionate about having one on one interactions with our customers. What we did in Lagos  and Aba  is one of the many ways we hope to introduce and cement our presence in the Nigerian market.”

Tramontina, believed to be the powerhouse of Brazil manufacturing, produces 18,000 products in Kitchen wares and appliances, electrical materials, wooden and plastic furniture, agricultural and construction tools since 1911. They operate all over the world, whichincludes more than 120 countries with 41 countries in Africa but officially announced their presence last week.

“We are creating our presence in every axis of the country and we are presently working with a number of distributors and agents in all major markets in Nigeria, and our launch here continues to build on our goal to improve people’s lives,” the company said.

The communities in which the company operates help contribute toward this goal. From its manufacturing processes to its operational strategies, every action Tramontina takes is in accordance with the strictest standards of environmental management and social responsibility. This special care is evident in how it preserves matters of cultural heritage and provides for the common good.
Tramontina representatives in attendance include Trader for Africa at Tramontina Multi- Henry Cattani, another Trader for Africa at Tramontina Cutelaria Marcelo Mersoni and  Sowande,

“Our products are built to withstand the effect of farming for a long time and are made of high quality carbon steel making it a choice for farmers around the world. We believe that as a country that invests in agriculture, Nigerian farmers can boast of high production by using our products because it is long lasting and affordable,” Sowande noted.

According to the company, its machetes are safe, ergonomically comfortable to handle and have strong wooden handles that can stand the test of time. It is also made of carbon steel blade that has more durability and it is affordable.

The customers in Aba expressed delight with the presence of Tramontina. They mingled with Tramontina reps and participated in draws and quizzes that gave them opportunity to win Tramontina farming products and Tramontina branded materials.