Joy Kinsley: I’m Standing Out in the Coming Year


Chukwurah Joy favor popularly known as JoyKinsley considers her journey into Nollywood as a divine direction. She speaks on her projections for the incoming year and the new trend rocking the industry

Why did you choose acting as a career?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a star. Sometimes, in my dream, I see myself acting with other celebrities. One day, I saw one of this bulk SMS messages on my phone, requesting for an audition in Okota. I responded with the attitude of ‘you never can tell’ in mind.

 I did the audition, I was successful.  After then, I started attending auditions. My very first attempt encouraged me. Moreso, I have the zeal for acting.

You got a role on your first outing. Did you consider your journey an easy sail?

Not easy at all. I met so many disappointments along the line. Some promised me jobs, but I didn’t get at the end of the day

Can you give us an insight into some of these challenges?

The competition is always intense; affluence also determines your future and stand. People who come into the industry with rides of their own, are more hopeful than those who trek into the industry.

Have you paid money for a role?

No, the industry is becoming more competitive. Nobody can tell what will happen. I’m doing other things that will compliment my career; things that will give me the kind of money that I need.

You said you are looking for money. Do you need the money to pay your way through?

No, I want to start producing my own movie.  That is why I’m searching for funds

Do you have the skills that will enable you to stand out as a producer, taking into consideration that some of your colleagues have gained international recognition through outstanding production?

I’ve gathered enough skills, coupled with my experience. Right now, I can make a statement as a producer. I have been to different locations, in and out of the country, I’ve met renowned producers, shared experiences and learned more about the job. I have what it takes to produce a good movie.

Why did you adopt the name joykinsley?

My name is joy and my father’s first name is Kinsley. I put the two together as my stage name. That’s why people call me, joykinsley.

What’s your dream?

To make it big, locally and on the international scene. I want to go to Hollywood and make movies. I want to go bigger than Hollywood.


Let’s pip into your background?

 Growing up was not very easy, I lost my dad when I was very young, I was eight years. My aunty brought me up. I attended Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, I read economics.

How was life with you then?

My aunty was Jehovah Witness. She imposed it on me then. I did not have any choice. I was a Jehovah witness; I used to go from house to house to preach the gospel. I thank God for making a way for me right now. Even in school, I was an entertainer, I act and sing. In rap a lot but acting is my first love.

 You said you used to evangelise. Is that why you cannot give yourself out for any role?

Yes. I was offered some naked role when I went to the east for a movie. The role I got was more of kissing and sex. I rejected the script and came back to Lagos. It was more like a blue movie.

Are you single to the core?

I am not single; at the same I’m not searching

 What kind of opportunity are you looking at?

One that which will launch me big and high. I’m available for branding in the incoming year, willing to work with any corporate organization that is willing to work with me, including the individual, corporate organization, and government.

How has 2016 been for you and what are your projections for 2017?

 I did some business this year, apart from movies, and I want to start producing my own movies. 2017 is going to be a very good year for me.