Abia Lawmakers Impeach House Speaker

Ex- Abia State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon. Martins Azubuike

Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia
The simmering leadership crisis in the Abia State House of Assembly finally boiled over yesterday as the Speaker, Hon Martins Azubuike, was impeached and immediately replaced with Hon. Bishop Kennedy Njoku.

The impeachment was concluded in 15 minutes and involved 20 lawmakers out of the 24-member assembly with each of them affirming their signature on the impeachment notice read out by the Deputy Leader of the House, Hon Solomon Akpulonu.

Akpulonu, while moving for impeachment of the Speaker, listed the sins allegedly committed by Azubuike to include lack of character of transparency in handling the finances of the assembly insensitivity to the welfare of the members, autocratic style of leadership, abuse of office and gross misconduct.

He said the listed offences were weighty enough to cost the speaker his position, citing Section 92 (2C), adding that the majority of the legislators had “resolved to and hereby resolve to remove Hon Martins Azubuike as the Speaker.”

The deputy leader further stated that since 20 members had put their signatures on the impeachment notice, the assembly had exceeded the mandatory two-thirds majority needed to effect the removal of the speaker.

Deputy Speaker of the assembly, Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe, who presided over the impeachment proceedings, asked and got the consent of the members to accept the impeachment as a matter of urgent public importance.

It was then that the Clerk of the assembly, Mr. John Pedro Irokansi, called for nominations from among the members present in order to elect a new speaker, saying that there was no provision for acting Speaker.

He announced that the voting procedure was in Option A4 format and members merely raised their hands in support of their preferred candidate for the new Speaker.

Prior to the removal of the Speaker, speculations were high that the Leader of the assembly, Hon Chinedum Orji, who represents Umuhaia Central state constituency, would easily step into the seat of Speaker.

But he was not among the two nominees, namely: Hon Bishop Njoku and Hon Chikwendu Enyinnaya Kanu.
Njoku, who represents Osisioma North state constituency, won the heart of the lawmakers with 16 votes as against three votes received by Kanu, who represents Isiala Ngwa South state constituency.
It was learnt that Kanu was the preferred choice of the state Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, but the members thought otherwise and even the nominee did not vote for himself.
It was only the Majority Leader and two others that voted for Kanu.

The former Speaker had faced threats of impeachment on three occasions but had always managed to escape but he was not so lucky on this fourth attempt by the lawmakers, who were very angry that he was not taking good care of their welfare.

It was further gathered that there was a last ditch effort to save the former speaker as the Majority Leader strived to convince his colleagues to once more spare him but sources at the meeting told THISDAY that Azubuike had snatched the mace while negotiations were still on.

He thereafter left the assembly premises and did not witness his impeachment.
According to the source, the former Speaker “lost whatever sympathy that remained for him” when he snatched the mace hence there was no going back on his impeachment.

  • Naija Bros

    is indeed a sad day for Abia State. Finally, the TODDLER-GOVERNOR of
    Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, has caved in to his Lords and Masters,
    Ochendo and his son Ikuku. In doing so the unity of the Ukwa-Ngwa Nation
    has been shattered forever. The selfishness, greed, avarice and
    inconsiderateness displayed by Ikpeazu is unmatched in the history of
    Nigeria. Ikpeazu is from OBIOMA NGWA which constitutes the
    Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Ngwa Federal Constituency. At the time of the
    2015 General elections, the common wisdom was that with the
    Governorship going to the Obioma Ngwa Federal Constituency
    (Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Ngwa Federal Constituency), the Senate seat for the Abia South Senatorial District will naturally
    go to the Ukwa East/Ukwa West Federal constituency. But Obioma Ngwa
    people in their usual avarice and greed insisted on also keeping the
    Senate seat with the result that both the Governor and the Senator are
    from the same LGA which is unprecedented in the history of Abia State
    and indeed unheard of in any other part of Nigeria. But the Ukwa-Ngwa
    Nation rallied round to douse the fire so that it does not consume the
    desire of their people to mount the office of Governor for the first
    time ever. Now, the same Obioma Ngwa has also taken the office of
    Speaker. In an unprecedented move, ONE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY
    (Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Ngwa Federal Constituency) has produced the
    Governor of the State, Speaker of the State and also Senator of the
    Federal Republic. Meanwhile, the new Speaker, Bishop Kennedy Njoku who
    is a neophyte in legislative matters and is just a year and some months
    old in the House of Assembly is known to be A GLORIFIED HOUSE BOY of
    Chinedu Orji (Ikuku), son ofthe former Governor, T.A. Orji. Bishop
    has signed undated letters of resignation and even shot some videos
    announcing his resignation which are in possession of Ikuku. Also in
    possession of Ikuku is the signatures of twenty members of the House.
    That signature page could be attached at any time to any other
    impeachment Notice including that of the Governor. Ikuku now has free
    access to the Abia Treasury as he will always wave the signatures to the
    Governor if he proves recalcitrant in granting his wishes. Martins
    Azubuike had been shielding Ikpeazu from the antics of Ikuku who had
    been trying to use the House of Assembly to bully the Governor and this
    has led to great enmity between Martins and Ikuku who has been
    complaining to anyone who cares to listen that Martins is disrespecting
    him, Ikuku. For the Governor who doled out millions of Naira to bribe
    the House members to effect this impeachment, karma is a Dam. The knives
    are out in Abia State. Interesting days lie ahead. It will be
    interesting to see how things play out and how the Governor manages the
    fire he has lit. A so-called Ph.D holder whose closest advisers are
    touts like Godwin Obioma Nna, Raymond Aliga, Nwalor, Erondu, Jnr.;
    people without any pedigree whatsoever. Once bottles of Henessy XO are
    on the table, these fraudsters who have held Ikpeazu hostage drink their
    senses out and the state of Abia totters on the brink

    • SayZ