Explore Africa in December 


The exchange rate is crazy. December might be the last month of the year but it’s by no means a dull month to travel and the more reason why you have to spend this summer in Africa and if you are still in doubt, check out 8 beautiful and fascinating cities in Africa. Omolola Itayemi  writes 

Harar, Ethiopia

One of the most fascinating things about the country is its ancient culture. Their language, Amharic, is one of the oldest written languages in the world.  Add on the fact that Ethiopia has tourist attractions like feeding hyenas, the city known as the 2nd Jerusalem, African Safaris, and even a real world Camelot, you have quite a country and culture to experience.

 Why not do something different this time and feed Hyenas in Harar. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ethiopia. Most people would be absolutely mortified to do this.  At two different locations in the city, you are able to feed the Hyenas every single night.  The city of Harar is also extremely interesting, being the 4th most holy city for Muslims; great museums, food, but not much nightlife.


Kampala, Uganda

 When it’s time to visit one of Uganda’s top-notch national parks, why not spoil yourself and make the experience more memorable with a night or two in one of its luxury lodges. Hanging out here could easily be one of the most relaxing times of your trip. And while they’re not cheap, it’s hard to put a price on the experience of soaking in an outdoor bubble bath, just metres from grazing buffalo and zebra at Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo National Park or spying elephants from your poolside hammock at Kyambura Game Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, the capital city of Morocco lies on the Atlantic Coast at the edge of the Bou Regreg River. Rabat is residence to the country’s most significant tourist sites and attraction. 

Tourists are exposed to attractions like the famous Royal Palace, Mohamed V University, Moroccan arts, Museums etc. Rabat is home to Morocco’s finest archaeological collections. Kasbah district and Temara are favourite tourist areas, with colourful coastal lines and beaches for holidays and retreats. 

The city of Rabat has beautiful district, monumental walls, terraces and beach sides that provide excellent sites across various tourist locations. Other colourful tourist places/areas are the Medina area Salé, Abul Hassan Medersa, the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Ashir, Oudaias Chellah, The Mellah (Jewish Quarter) Mamora Forest and Kenitra amongst others.

Livingstone, Zambia

 A beautiful tourist city in the southern part of Zambia situated north of Zambezi River. Livingstone is known for its brilliant road and rail network interwoven with the other provinces of Zambia. The famous attractions within this city include the Victoria Falls, Zambezi Canoe Trip, Mosi-oa-Tunya, National Park, Elephant Safari and Livingstone Game Park/ Museum etc. Victoria Falls offers a beautiful panoramic view, where tourists can see the rest of the wildlife and the white water. The white water rafting experience is said to be the best worldwide. The Mosi-oa-Tunya parks situated next to the Victoria Falls  is a conservative zone scattered with antelopes, warthogs, buffalos, hippos, elephants, monkeys and lots of exceptional birds. A trip to Livingstone won’t be complete without the Zambezi Sunset cruise which offers a 3-4hour cruise with extraordinary experience.


Sousse, Tunisia 

 Sousse is a city in the eastern part of Tunisia with a huge coastal line and a port with heavy industrial activities. One of Tunisia’s most popular holiday resorts is found in Sousse, which provides a blend of luxury and history alongside. Souse has so many cultural tourist attractions, ranking as number one place in terms of vacation. Medina district in Sousse’s has a pool of attractions. The Port el Kantaoui provides all kinds of beach side fun and attractions. The Medina, one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in Tunisia has been preserved throughout the centuries. The Tower of the Ribat is the city’s main attraction ranked as one of the best preserved in Tunisia. Within its environs are restaurants, shopping centre, cafés, as well as vocational centers and movie theaters. A must see and visit is the Archaeology Museum. This excellent museum contains the largest collection of antiquities in the country.


Malindi, Kenya

 Malindi, a city in Kenya is known for tourism. Not as populated as Nairobi but has her own natural beauty. Malindi town is known for her collection of ruined mosques, palaces, and houses in Gedi. A place worth visiting is the marine Park and Reserve. The biodiversity here is beyond description.  The oldest building within this vicinity is an Old Portuguese chapel dated as far back as the 16th century. Malindi has wonderful and lengthy coastline, paraded with beaches which gives room for numerous water actives. The beauty of the coral is so amazing with different marine lives showing all kinds of colours. The pillar of the great Vasco de Gama is still standing in the southern part of Malindi. One thing all tourists will enjoy in this town is the sea side life blended with traditional entertainment.


Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana 

The two towns Sekondi-Takoradi are also known as the Twin City and haven to some of the Ghana’s oldest Heritage. The city has a beautiful coastal line with numerous beaches, with dated citadel and cultural relics. The presence of oil within this vicinity creates room for business. The town is still referred to as the European Zone because of its colonial presence (railway station). The Western Region is covered with natural resources lots of tourism assets, and facilities such as the sandy Paradise Beach, Sports Club, Whin River and Lagoon. In terms of event and activities, this city has a lot in store. One of many is the Kundum Festival. Every tourist will crave to be here during this festival. Other tourist sites worth visiting include the Sekondi Historic District, Railway Museum, the Regional Museum, Takoradi Fort Orange. A sight worth seeing are two special villages built on lakes i.e. the Nzulezo and Kojokuma which are two of a kind.


Kigali, Rwanda

 A very unique city in the heart of Rwanda, Kigali is a gorgeous city with great weather.  You can get a taste of history here by visiting the genocide memorials and learn about the turbulent past of the country. 

Try gorilla trekking too, a very unique experience when you can get inches away from Gorillas is something that you can’t put a price on. The largest group of gorillas is in Uganda but you can also have a great experience in Rwanda. 

A Rwanda tourist attractions list wouldn’t be right without adding the list of national parks in the country.  Rwanda is a host to a great variation of animals aside from gorillas including chimpanzees and a variety of birds as well.  Some of the popular parks are Akagera and Nyungwe. Part of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Kivu is the border between Rwanda and DR Congo.  Make sure you also try to visit cities like Kibuye and Gisenye near the DR Congo border.

Carnival Calabar Rocks Nigeria this Christmas

As the year gradually winds up, all eyes will be focused on Cross Rivers State, the home of Africa’s biggest street party – Carnival Calabar. The Calabar International Street Carnival has always played host to thousands of tourists from around the world. 

Since the beginning of the month, Calabar has been prep with one event or the other, all geared towards making this year’s street party a success as it has always been.

 According to the schedule events released by the organisers, part of activities lined for this year’s event includes a talent hunt show dubbed Calabar Got’s Talent Series 1 and 2, slated for the 20th and 21st of December. The show is expected to identify gifted people who can be groomed to become future stars.

The organisers, said the TINAPA Family Christmas event, will commence on Thursday 22nd of December, with a Cultural parade, a continuation of Calabar Got’s Talent Series 3. It said December 23 will be a time to display the rich cultural delicacies of the Calabar people with African-Food Fest, series 4 of the Calabar Got’s talent. 

As part of the TINAPA Family Christmas programme, ‘Utomo Obong Efik Cultural Colourful Event’ will hold on the 24th of December at the Obong’s residence and Family Carol Service with wife of the governor, Linda Ayade. 

The Christmas Carnival Concert, one of the biggest in the country will come up on the 25th of December at the Calabar Township stadium.

 The Children party will hold alongside the Youth Carnival on the 26th, with Kings and Queens of Bands competition and a music concert.  Africa biggest Street carnival is slated for the 28th with the traditional five bands: Freedom Band, Bayside Band, Passion4 Band, Seagul Band and Master Blasta Band. The bands with their colourful customs will be on ground to thrill revelers added with other side attractions. There will also be music concert at the UJ Esuene stadium to entertain guest at night.

 The climax of the carnival party will hold on the 31st of December with Fireworks at midnightp