Obasanjo Assures Ghanaian President-elect of Nigeria’s Support


Amby Uneze in Owerri

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has told the Ghanaian President-elect, Mr. Nana Akufo Addo, that Nigerians will give him all the support he needs to succeed as the bond of friendship between Ghana and Nigeria is very strong.
Obasanjo prayed that the president-elect will run the affairs of Ghana like no one else has ever done, when he assumes office.

The former president spoke in Owerri, Imo State capital when he attended the Imo Day of thanksgiving as the guest speaker on December 19, 2016 at the Hero’s Square, with the Ghana President-elect, Addo in attendance, adding that all that Addo needs to do is to strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and Ghana.

Obasanjo stated that he was particularly delighted to join Imo people in thanking God for what He has used their governor to do in the state, stressing that he was amazed to see a new Owerri town because the Owerri capital he saw on arrival was quite different from the one he used to know.

He said: “Okorocha was my unpaid adviser who helped me in most of the good policies I initiated as a president. I want to congratulate him because he has changed the face of Owerri. I know this city very well. As I came in today I came to ask, is this the Owerri that I used to know or another Owerri?”

The Ghana President-elect, Mr. Addo, in his speech at the event said ,“the relationship between Nigeria and Ghana should be an example of good relationship to the rest of West Africa. I am determined, following the mandate my people have conferred on me to do everything to establish good relations with the leadership of this great country, Nigeria, because together we can work for the construction of a better Africa.”

He further stated: “We Ghanaians value so much our relationship with Nigeria which dates back to years. The stronger the relationship the better for the rest of African region. I cherish the progressive zeal I have seen in Rochas (Okorocha). In the next four years I hope to improve on the living standards of the Ghana people.”

Okorocha in his welcome speech at the event said the Imo Day of Thanksgiving is not for APC members in the state only but for the whole of Imo people not minding their political affiliations, adding that the thanksgiving event was organised for Imo people to thank God for what he has done in the lives of the state and her people, using him as the tool, remarking that the thanksgiving will attract more blessings to Imo people from God.

He said all his administration has achieved in the state would not have been possible without God, thanking the former president and President-elect of Ghana, Nana Akufor Addo for honouring the invitation of the government and people of the state.

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, who was the Chairman of the occasion described Okorocha as a statesman who knows when to play politics and when to offer leadership to his people, adding that as the governor of the state, he has never discriminated against people based on partisan politics but has continued to carry everybody along.