Presidential Wedding to Remember…Glimpses of Eden at Buhari and Indimi’s Wedding Ceremony


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A glance behind the glitter; a dreamy, colourful assemblage of family; two simple vows; a kiss; a dozen balloons, and a heartfelt smile. Their heartfelt dreams had finally come true; they were bound by swathes of bliss, two simple vows and a grand matchless love – which makes them one of the happiest and power couples right now. And so they kissed and begun a lively, tender life. Zahra Buhari, the beautiful daughter of President Muhammudu Buhari and Ahmed Indimi, the son of Mohammed Indimi, got married last Friday at Presidential Villa in Abuja. The majesty of the union was abundant in its ritual splendors, but its soul was all in the small things: the inexorable buildup of guests and spectators along the ceremonial route was at first a straggle of gem-bedecked big shots, then arrived the crowds of very close friends, family, and business and political associates.

And it was indeed the beautiful couple’s dream. Both the bride and groom joyously beamed with smiles lending credence to the belief that it had always been their dream to be in love, marry a soul mate and grow so happy for such a splendid moment. Zahra smiled contentedly through the proceedings. Anyone would feel such contentment in such defining moment. She cut a marvelous picture as she sashayed towards her groom. Ahmed bit his lip nervously and sweated profusely in thermo-induced chill of the grand setting, the gaze of onlookers and culmination of years of expectation. It took keen observers to deduce that his anxiety was borne of bliss and love everlasting. People’s spirits were undoubtedly lifted with the knowledge that the newly married couple seemed so at ease with one another and that their love is now so secure.

For months the couple’s families had stressed the human dimensions of the wedding, fretting to ensure that everything turn out so smoothly. And things did sail quite smoothly as the wedding was unarguably like an official state occasion, which gave the two families the bragging rights to one of the most memorable shindigs of the year. That blend of anxiety and ritual splendor in a relaxed atmosphere was something very special. It persistently drove the mother of the bride, Aisha Buhari to tears of joy – which she struggled not to shed.
The seats and aisles were filled with foremost statesmen, industry titans, entertainers, schoolmates, and celebrities from virtually every walk of life.

The beautiful bride and groom walked down the aisle single and glided back up happily married. Zahra looked calm, even joyful; perhaps she was quivering beneath all the lace and flowers, we may never know but together with her groom, they presented a stronger portrait than they do apart. As they embarked, on one of the most blissful matrimonial sojourn yet, friends, families and associates wished them the best of everything true love could find; a lifetime untainted by the infidelities and disappointments that befalls even the most idyllic of matrimonies.

Fortune indeed, favours the prepared man. Who would forget how it favoured brilliant Fleming? Yet had Fleming not possessed immense knowledge and an unremitting gift of observation he might not have observed the effect of the hyssop mould. In the same vein, Ladi Adebutu, son of popular Ijebu lotto god, Kensington Adebutu, may have taken his first conscious, premeditated step to exploit proverbial fortune by marrying off his sister, Temitope to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s son, Olujonwon, today. As you read, the Adebutu and Obasanjo family are being united in holy matrimony at Adebutu’s sprawling mansion.

While the families bask in the euphoria of the union, pundits aver that it signals the possibility of having Obasanjo endorse Ladi Adebutu’s governorship ambition. Now that his sister has married Obasanjo’s son, speculations abound in political circuits that it may facilitate Ladi’s easy ride into the Ogun State Government House in Oke Mosan. Although we are still in 2016, the quest for the 2019 general elections has already begun as politicians and men with ambition are secretly and openly declaring their intentions. Already, Ladi has a contender for the post in Senator Kashamu Buruji. The two lawmakers representing Ogun State at the National Assembly intend to govern the state come 2019.

Even though they belong to the same party and they both hail from the same area in the Ijebu axis of the state, Ladi and Kashamu are not ready to back down for each other. While Kashamu is banking on his wide influence in the politics of the state, Ladi is banking on the wealth of his father. That is why the political power blocs in the state are wary of throwing their weight behind him. They do not like the way he brags about the wealth of his father, “That is a major put-off,” according to a highly placed politician in the state.