Akeredolus’ Death Scare! How Cancer Threatened the Peace of Ondo Governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu


•Untold story of his wife, Betty’s battle with the deadly disease
Few women bear the crucible of pain and face down death in a no-holds-barred joust and live to tell their story. But Betty Akeredolu did and she emerged with her life intact. Very few people are aware that the in-coing First Lady of Ondo and wife of the state’s governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu, once took a trip down death boulevard while she battled life-threatening cancer of the breast. According to her, the fight against cancer was a struggle she would never forget. But with unprecedented faith and towering resilience, she survived the deadly disease. Now that she’s the in-coming First Lady of Ondo State, she is ready to support other victims of the deadly disease. Let’s hope money, power and fame wouldn’t change her to a fashionista whose greatest passion would be the trivial and uninspiring.

Nobody makes lovely corpse. But Olorogun Michael Ibru did. Even in death, the patriarch of the Ibru dynasty cut a perfect portrait of loveliness and humanity at its finest. Like the brightest daffodil amid a bouquet of flowers, he exudes enviable humaneness even in his wake. Ibru who passed less than four months to his 86th birthday, remains one of the greatest figures of hope, wealth, and leadership for Urhobo people and Nigeria as a nation. He was buried some days ago in a grand funeral ceremony. The ceremony attracted the crème of Nigeria’s high society. They trooped out in large numbers to honour a man who taught them to live for the good of others and expend their wealth for the sake of humanity. Ibru would no doubt turn in his grave in appreciation of the honourable funeral he received from his loved ones.

It was like a carnival in Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North Council when the high and low stormed the sleepy community to pay their last respects to the late business magnate and philanthropist. The dignitaries and guests, who included governors, top government officials, clerics, elder statesmen and captains of industries took turns to eulogise the patriarch of the Ibru dynasty as his remains were committed to mother earth inside a sacred cathedral within his compound. The facility, specially built in his honour, is to host worship on Sundays, according to family members. A museum, which would house all personal effects, awards and symbolic items of the deceased, is also being built beside the cathedral.

It is often said that he who rides the tides of industry influences the thought of his times. Eventually, he commands the epochs that follow and impresses his name on eternity. Such an individual no doubt sways the applause of listening Senates. If he is cut of the rare stock that Greg Uanseru’s hails from, he effortlessly attracts the patronage of leaders of men. Greg Uanseru’s wealth charms at first sight but it is his merit that wins the soul.

The billionaire businessman and CEO of GCA Energy Limited, operates at an advanced frequency of good life. Every day presents new opportunities for him to fulfill his hankering for success and impeccable taste for luxury. And like all men of affluence, Greg is the object of lust and admiration of many women and men. At every public appearance, Greg becomes the cynosure of all eyes. Greg’s penchant for excellence, his stupendous wealth and culture of class and luxury makes him attractive to countless women even as he is envied and secretly revered by his male peers. The boss of GCA Energy’s love for the good life is reflective in his taste for luxury cars.

Greg loves the grandeur of Bentley and the royalty of Rolls Royce. At every point, he cruises around with two Rolls Royce automobiles. Girls love him for this and men worship him. A fashion buff to the core, Greg’s wardrobe flaunts expensive and trendy couture from the world’s best designers including Louis Vuitton, Levi Straus, Gucci, Lacoste, Versace, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein. Greg also has a thing for expensive jewelry and timepieces hence his classy closet of necklaces and exclusive wristwatch designs by Rolex, Hublot and Patek Philippe to mention a few. However, unlike most of his peers, Greg’s journey to affluence is not shrouded in mystery. He is a man that knew what he wanted very early in life and he pursued it. His company, GCA Energy Limited was registered in the late eighties as Greg Continental Agency Limited and acted as an Agency Company to Siemens Building Technologies UK Limited providing support services to Nigerian Refineries & Petrochemical Industries in the area of Spares, Fire Engineering and Gas Chromatography.