Jaguar Shows-off Strength, Beauty, Pace at The Art of Performance Tour


By Bennett  Oghifo

The weather forecast the night before said it would rain in the morning but as it turned out the sun rose and shined bright, making the interior of the Jaguar XJ more comfortable, cooler and cosier. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted as desired.

Now to the tracks: The car gives an interesting gentle growl as it glides to the starting line and picks up at a stately pace that is quite swift for a car of that size. The XE, XF, and F Type come out sprite. It is certainly in the DNA of the Jaguar. It leaps when you least expect it to and gives a measured roar like the animal, pulsating as it paces to a quick stop, while it growls. The car’s ABS adds to the control, particularly at turns and curves. Control begins from the steering wheel that presents a nice grip and the EPAS (electric power-assisted steering).

Driving on a slippery surface should not be a problem, as the car glides and cuts off its power at a turn it considers dangerous.

Experience Jaguar’s exhilarating drive once and you will definitely want another thrilling effect on the road. It becomes extremely interesting when you take the Jaguar to its natural habitat- the racetrack. 

At The Art of Performance Tour in South Africa, recently, Journalists from some countries in sub-Saharan Africa had the privilege of racing the Jaguar XJ, XE XF and F Type on the tracks of the Department of Community Safety in Pretoria.

These machines combine beauty, strength and speed fluidly and, more importantly, the mechanisms within keep the driver safe and in-charge. It is a set of sports cars any speedsters would love. For the Jaguar, if the coast is clear, then it is time to put the accelerator down on the floor board and you will see the car come alive, doing speed that you will love, and taking curves as any race car would. Its performance clearly shows a powerful machine designed for long journeys, as well as for city runs.

The Jaguar XE, XF, F Type – V6 or V8 – should be in the collection of any car enthusiast. Here is what the British auto maker says of the pack. “Jaguar XE is the most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon that Jaguar has ever produced; Jaguar XF, luxury business saloon with distinctive design, dynamic drive and state-of-the-art technologies; Jaguar XJ, premium luxury saloon, spacious and beautiful yet powerfully agile; Jaguar F-Pace is Jaguar’s luxury performance SUV.

Advanced Driving Dynamics: Featuring a range of sophisticated technologies including Adaptive Dynamics, Integral Link rear suspension, Torque Vectoring, and Jaguar’s next generation braking system – XE offers unparalleled Jaguar refinement and ride quality. 

According to the automaker, “Jaguar has always had a passion for creativity, innovation and dynamic design; qualities we feel are perfectly expressed in XE. With the introduction of this astonishing vehicle we have joined forces with the very best British creative minds to craft a series of collaborative projects.”

Infotainment: InControl Touch is the new multimedia system available on XE, XF, F-TYPE and F-PACE, featuring an 8-inch Touch-screen with intuitive touch and swipe controls. It incorporates a cutting-edge navigation system with 2D or 3D maps and voice prompts. There’s seamless phone connectivity as well as climate, entertainment and vehicle controls to suit your mood. InControl Touch is the hub for many active safety features and additional optional extras.

Jaguar is represented in Nigeria by Cosharis Motors Limited. So, you can enjoy the cutting edge of performance for yourself.