Educator Holds Network Marketing Party


Foremost educator and proprietress of Standard Bearers Nursery and Primary School, Lekki, Mrs. Modupe Adeyinka Oni, recently held the maiden edition of her Network Marketing party ‘Health To Wealth Sessions’ organised by the GP Team and powered by Inspiro Productions at Freedom Park, Lagos.

Oni said the aim of the party is to provide an alternative to income earners, especially in the face of the country officially going into recession. According to her, against the perception of majority of Nigerians, network marketing, is more about personal development, so people have to understand that it actually is a real business, and it’s one of the biggest industries in the world today.

“It is a $2.8 trillion industry. But we laugh at it here in Nigeria. We think it can’t work, we think it’s a scam and we make fun of people who are doing it but really and truly, we should be laughing at ourselves because in this economy that we have now, things are so hard and one way that any individual can actually come out of the whole economic thing is through network marketing,” she said.

One of the things she set out to do with the event, according to her, is to let people know that it doesn’t matter what the product is. “All you need to understand is that it’s a $2.8 trillion industry and that a little fraction of that money can come to you if only you have tried. So instead of being scared or keep on being worried about that initial investment that they are asking you to make, think of it this way, there is no business that you would do that you won’t invest in,” she added.

According to Oni, who boasts of 33 years’ experience in the education sector, with a minimal initial investment, investors are up and running, especially as they already have the structure that will help them to succeed.

“I am driven by the fact that young people need to understand that they have options. Keep your day job. That’s what you went to school for; but a part time job that allows you to work 10 hours a week and will pay you twice as much as you earn in your fulltime job is worth investing in. So that initial investment, it doesn’t matter how it amounts to, is investment worth putting down and that is my message. For me, network marketing is beautiful opportunity that I think young people should run with,” she added.
With the cocktail and food served, the Organic Jazz and Movement bands were on hand to provide quality entertainment for the three-session well attended event.