Oshiomhole Failed to Deliver on his Campaign Promises to Uromi People


By Ugo Aliogo and Azeezat Abdul Kareem

Chief Executive Officer of Omais Investment, Chief Omo Aisagbonhi has carpeted the immediate past governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, for not delivering on his campaign promises to bring development to Uromi land, stressing that despite the support he was given during the re-election of the comrade governor, Uromi indigenes were still despised and excluded from the development strides of the administration. 

Addressing journalists yesterday in Lagos, Aisagbonhi noted the administration gave nothing to ameliorate the sufferings of the people, adding that during his time in office, any Esan indigene who questioned his policies or decision was removed from office.

Reacting to the issue of deposed Onojie which the people have appealed to the present Governor to reinstate; he noted that the issue was an affront on the culture of Uromi and the only person that could succeed an onojie was the son of an Onojie, stressing that what Oshiomhole did was a political vendetta, targeted at Tony Anenih,

“if we don’t fight back, the governor will appoint the king as he appoints the Local Government Chairman. He treats us like conquered people’, he fumed.

THISDAY learnt that the Onojie was disposed due to an alleged assault on a lady. Reacting on the issue, Aisagbonhi noted that deposing the monarch was not the right solution in addressing the issue, “if that was what the Onojie did, I believe he should have allowed the law to take its course.”

He said: “If you dispose the Onojie of Uromi who is going to be the next Onojie, the culture of Uromi does not allow you to go back and nominate another person. The son of the deceased Onojie takes over in our tradition. There is no other way, no ruling house, and no other method. Because they rejected him (Oshiomhole) at the polls, therefore the thing to do is to destroy the culture of the people. I don’t have any grievance against him. But the lack of respect and regard with which he has treated our people is bad. Oshiomhole has insulted political heavy weights such Tomi Ikimi, Tony Iredia, and others. ”

He expressed displeasure with the past administration of Oshiomhole, stating that despite the support he gave to Oshiomhole during the campaign for his re-election into office, the administration did not deliver on its promises to bring developments to the people of Uromi.

Reacting on the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, he noted that since Buhari came to power there had not been any free and fair election in the country, adding that elections had been marred in malpractices, 

He added: “All Progressive Congress (APC) was deceiving Nigerians that Buhari has changed.  If Buhari was sincere, he knows that the Edo People did not vote for APC and if we did not vote for APC and Oshiomhole was going away, if he disposed the king, immediately the new governor was sworn-in, the king would have been recalled back because we know that he did it in anger. There is nothing that the Onojie did that various traditional rulers in Nigeria has not done before.”