Microsoft, Dynamiss to Boost Digital Learning in Schools


Sunday Okobi

Microsoft Nigeria and Dynamiss Solutions have concluded plans to launch a new initiative to fast track digital learning in Nigerian primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

Schools proprietors, heads and ICT directors will be the focal point of the initiative on November 16 in Lagos, where they will be compelled to include ICT training as part of the curriculum at all levels.

According to the Microsoft Specialist Sales Executive, Ms. Jordan Belmonte, the company will reveal an initiative that integrates ICT into the classroom while ensuring the sustainability of the programme by enabling schools to also financially benefit from the implementation of the solution “as the programme is subsidised and made affordable for students.”

Also, Dynamiss will disclose the benefits of its new learning management system, which incorporates Microsoft Office 365 as core element of classroom and out-of-school learning for students and teachers.

Briefing journalists in Lagos recently, Belmonte, who doubles as the Microsoft Head of Education for Nigeria, said “Microsoft Nigeria is committed to promoting lifelong learning by providing affordable access to education solutions and promoting the adoption of ICT in schools. We believe that investment in education is a critical component of preparing youth for the global workforce and is directly tied to a countries economic growth.

“The pilot project, which will commence in Lagos before spreading to other parts of West Africa will empower the entire education community- students, teachers and parents- and benefit them financially in order to sustain the programme.

“Microsoft will be unveiling a 21st century skills centre that benefits both students, teachers and surrounding communities by providing schools with access to a vast e-learning platform and affordable professional certifications.”

She added that Dynamiss is challenging education norms with its product which ensures that digital technology will become a key aspect of teaching and learning. “Our mission is to ensure that we support this advancement in learning and the benefits it provides for Nigerian students.

“We are trying to integrate every classroom (not only ICT centres) with Dynamiss to illuminate Mathematics, English Language, Geography among other subjects with the use of ICT. ICT is into our lives every day, like the usage of our mobile phones, televisions and games. Children are excitedly distracted these days. So we want to bring that interest and excitement into the classroom by using technology to engage students in a new way.”

The Head of Sales for Dynamiss, Mrs. Angela Oyekanmi, who disclosed that the project would be demonstrated at the event starting by 9am, stated: “Dynamiss has created a robust learning system which subtly and overtly aids the adoption of digital skills by students and teachers. Remarkably, our software also incorporates all Microsoft Office 365 tools for free for all students, as well as Microsoft Imagine Academy digital learning platform which offered for qualifying schools also for free.”

On the implementation of IT training for schools, Oyekanmi said: “We have ensured that the cost of our solution is affordable for all students. We have also partnered financial institutions to create payment plans that ensure the affordability of the product by most people. Schools are also able to benefit and generate revenue from our partnership with Microsoft which will support their IT implementation and we will be revealing this in more details at the event.

“Ultimately, it is the student’s quality of education and employability that will benefit the most from implementing the Dynamiss Microsoft Learning Management System. It is also going to demonstrate the affordability of access to education in schools and economically empower the workforce in the country.”