'Buhari’s Govt Should not be in a Hurry to Secure $30bn Loan' Says Christian Council of Nigeria


Paul Obi in Abuja

The Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) yesterday urged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government not to be in a hurry in securing the controversial $30 billion foreign loan, as it will affect the country negatively in the future.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja during the 29th General Assembly of CCN, the newly elected President, Dr. Benebo Fubara-Manuel expressed great concern over the haste with which government was approaching the loan matter, arguing that, it is capable of plunging Nigeria into severe economic crisis.

Fubara-Manuel stated that “government should not be too much in a hurry to secure $30 billion infrastructure loan, but take time and ensure we do not have a structural adjustment coming back to ruin us further and increase poverty.

“This kind of venture has helped some countries before and it has also destroyed some countries. We need a secured country and a country that is free from corruption because there can be no economic progress if the issues of security and corruption are not properly addressed,” he said.

Fubara-Manuel contended that Nigeria “need a secured country, and a country that is free from corruption can’t even have the thriving of the Churches, I will like to ask that government pay particular attention to economic policies that would put food on the table of the poor masses.
“We recognise that we are in a period of economic crisis, but there is no need to pass blame on the administrations before or even to blame this present one for not doing well.

“Let us encourage them at this stage. The teething stage of any administration is always very complicated. Let’s assume that this administration is still, in its teething stage, but I know that the people are hungry and suffering, there is mass unemployment.
“Many families have no food to eat, husbands and wives have no jobs, there must be something we can do in the interim to ensure that the situation is abated.”

Fubara-Manuel added that his tenure will witness “reawakening and a new sense of evangelism and evangelisation. the government. Of our country needs to hear the voice of the Church loud and clear.

“We will be able to push our voices forward and have a voice in the country. We will speak to power, we will speak to political administration nationally and internationally,” he submitted.
Also, former President of CCN, Dr. Emmanuel Josiah called on Nigerians to support the fight against corruption adding that Nigerians should enjoin, repent and return to God.

“For Nigeria to get out of what we are experiencing now, we must return to God, we must obey and live by the principles of the word of God,” he said.
Primate, The Church of the Lord Prayer Fellowship Worldwide, Dr. Rufus Ositelu, said: “What is really disturbing the progress of this country is corruption; once corruption is fought to a standstill by next year we will see progress in the country,’’ he said.