Season 2 of Chika Ike’s African Diva Reality  Show Commences 


An African series and interactive competition, conceived and produced by Nollywood star actress Chika Ike began airing on October 15, 2016 on AIT.

The series is a reality, docu-drama that focuses on the search for the ideal African woman. Women from all over the nation will get a chance to compete for the privilege of being called an African Diva. The reality series will be centered on Nigeria’s own superstar, Ike, with the 25 contestant drawn from five African countries in the second season.

 The show will be internally judged by Ike and a panel of judges that will be both regulars and guest stars.  A total of 22 female contestants are in the show at an undisclosed location. The show will span four weeks. Each day, the girls will compete in a task. The girls will be tasked on their domestic skills, hospitality, entrepreneurship, sports, child-care and their knowledge of Africa. At the end of each task, the contestants will be assessed, there will be winners and losers, and every episode will see the eviction of at least one of the contestants. The contestants will be winnowed down till only the 3 finalists remain in the house and a winner will emerge. 

The first season was not without its criticism, though: “Season 1 was done in a certain way and people had a lot to say. When something is new, it’s normal to have a back and forth but people really embraced it. The reception received by the programme has been humbling. When I started, I knew that I was sowing a seed that will germinate and become a very big tree. But I also doubted myself at some point if I would be able to do it, said Ike.”