Experts Warn Women against Cosmetics, Foods, Drinks


Rebecca Ejifoma

A UK-based Nigerian Oncologist, Dr. Olufemi Ladeinde, has advised women to be careful of their cosmetics as 13 and the half kilogramme of poison responsible for cancer comes from it.

This is as 88 per cent of cancer patients have deficiency in Vitamin D3, according to him. “We must contain that deficiency; hence, now that you have survived, you will maintain it. I urge you to teach others. All cancers can be taken care of.”

He said this at the Care Organisation Public Enlightenment (COPE) Breast Cancer Survivor’s Conference on the theme, ‘Against All Odds’ held in Lagos State.

While speaking on ‘Where is your Health Today?’ he said whether a woman has cancer or not, the question is, where is your health now? “Your health starts when your treatment ends as a cancer patient. We know what cancer is but we have not joined the dots.”

This is coming after recent research shows that more than two and a half million people will die from cancer. “You need to mind what goes through your lips (foods and drinks including your clothes). We know what predisposes us to cancer. But what causes cancer is poison (doctors call it toxin). If your body is overloaded with toxins, you will develop any kind of cancer. In the environment we live in, the water we drink, air we breathe, 13 and a half per cent of toxin comes from your cosmetics. The body keeps score of everything you throw at it. Research has shown us that if you rewind the clock, you will find at a point you had emotional tsunami that your body kept and returned.”

“As doctors, we were trained to cure the symptoms, which is the lump. But that is no longer enough. Fever is the body’s first response to any infection,” he added.

That cancer has become a mind burgling epidemic, Ladeinde noted that women should be mindful of what they eat and drink. “We eat for energy and nutrition. If your food is energy dense, then you are loading the body with energy no nutrients. Your body needs nutrients to keep it going. If you eat only energy food, your body keeps demanding more food until it gets the needed nutrients. Do not touch anything wheat. Increase your foods in fat. Cholesterol is your friend, without which you will die.”

Addressing the women at the conference, a Nutritionist and Home Economist, Mrs. Amaka Fatogun, told women they were either eating to feed their diseases or eating to fight it. “If we have healthy cells, we wilhave healthy tissues and healthy system. Our diet plays important role in our system.

She described the highest cause of cancer as a result of diet. “The highest cause of cancer, about 60 per cent, can be lead to our diet. The right time to take fruits is from 4a.m to 12p.m. Tone down on sweet fruits like pineapple. Go less on acidic fruits.”

Accordingly, Fatogun listed avocado, banana, blend with ginger and garlic as smoothies for breakfast. “Take warm water plus lime and cayenne pepper. Leave for one hour then juice up and sip gradually. Eat one cooked meal each day. It will help your system.”