Keystone Bank, Town Planning way, Ilupeju, Lagos



By Nume Ekeghe 

Situated at the intersection leading to the highway, this branch is very big and is not a sight to overlook. Its exterior and banking hall are equally big.The banking hall on the day of this investigation was very clean, beautifully decorated with balloons and had a friendly atmosphere.
Inside the banking hall, towards the right was a customer service personnel and a little to the left were three tellers attending to all banking transactions. At the time of this observation, there were not a lot of customers at this branch and yet the tellers were very slow in attending to both deposit and withdrawal transactions.
The customer service personnel was also slow and he was constantly leaving his seat to attend to other issues thereby keeping the customers waiting. He was however polite to the customers and apologised for his actions. Also, the only ATM machine this branch had was not working. The management is therefore advised to improve on its service deliver