Second Time’s A Treat? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Ex Wife, Anita, Remarries?


• She now goes by the name, Anita Ebhodaghe-Schafer

Miracles were unable to save her marriage from the ravages of betrayal and an unfair world. Like a seaworn vessel crashing against the trunk of an iceberg, Pastor Anita’s marriage to Christ Embassy Founding Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, steadily disintegrated to her dismay and consternation of church members. But through her sadness, Anita has seen a rare opportunity, a second chance to make her personal and romantic life more worthwhile.

She understands that second chances are rarely given thus her eagerness to take it before time runs out. As you read, Pastor Anita has quietly remarried. Her new name on her website is Anita Ebhodaghe-Schafer thus exciting speculations that she probably got married to a German. You couldn’t have forgotten so soon how her marriage to Pastor Chris crashed and was well celebrated in the media. Few months ago, in 2014 to be precise, the traditional and new media portals ran amok with news of the celebrity couple and pastors marital crisis.

Anita filed for divorce at Central Family Court, High Holborn, London, UK, citing her husband’s “unreasonable behaviour” and inappropriate relationships with members of staff, an intonation of “adultery.” Anita has finally moved on after their messy divorce reverting to her maiden name: again, Pastor or Ms. Anita Ebhodaghe. But since her divorce from Chris, she had never been short of male attention. Her recent name change however, suggests that she has been able to distinguish between noble suitors and typical horn-dogs.

BACK FROM THE BRINK…AHMED UWHUBETINE opens biggest night club in atlanta
•DEFUNCT 11.45 BOSS Rediscovers his groove back
Like the proverbial panther with myriad lives, Ahmed Uwhubetine has bounced back on his feet from the dust and intrigues of his fall. There is no gainsaying the former boss of now defunct 11.45 nightclub, located on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, waded into troubled waters. Things got extremely rough for him a few years ago and the fun loving dude decided to relocate to Atlanta, USA. There he picked the broken pieces of his life back together. But while many of his friends and associates wrote him off thinking he would never bounce back from his misfortune, a select few believed in him. And the latter stood by him through thick and thin. Today, Ahmed has bounced back in America. He now owns the biggest night club in Atlanta frequented by A-listers.

Ahmed is very popular in Atlanta and he effortlessly draws the finest species of womenfolk ranging from blacks, blondes, brunettes, to Asians. Back when he was the toast of the Lagos party crowd, Uwhubetine rocked Lagos from the eaves to the foundation. No sooner than he established his 11.45 nightclub on Awolowo Road, his place was assured in the pantheons and circuits of Lagos high Society. The entrance of the Delta state indigene into the Lagos party scene earned him unparalleled rave reviews and in a short while, his nightclub became the favourite hang-out for many a celebrity and the Lagos party crowd. Then suddenly he lost his magic touch and his business suffered rapid deterioration and eventual collapse.

It takes time to cook a tasty broth and even greater passion, skill and time to erect an architectural masterpiece. This perhaps explains SIFAX boss, Taiwo Afolabi’s long delay in executing his hospitality franchise, the Marriott Hotel, in Ikeja, Lagos. Two years after the Marriot Hotel worldwide gave a franchise to the SIFAX boss to venture into the hospitality sector, Taiwo Afolabi has finally commenced work on the Marriot 5 star hotel which will be located in Ikeja GRA, Lagos. Few people will not forget the unusual buzz news of the hotel’s emergence in the highbrow hospitality sector generated few years ago.

When news filtered out back then that the massive structure on the ever busy Oba Akinjobi street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos would house the prestigious Marriott Hotel with over 150 rooms, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a parking lot that can comfortably accommodate over 200 cars at once, not a few people looked forward to it.

While signing the multi-billion naira deal, Taiwo had disclosed that the Lagos Marriott Hotel would be ready in 2016 and would boast all the facilities and luxury associated with an international market leader like Marriott. He bragged and bayed about it. It is said to be a ‘turnkey project’ and a high rise of about 15 floors. As we speak, contractors have moved to the site and work on the project has commenced. However, his recent venture into the hospitality business won’t be his first as he owns a big hotel and restaurant in London, where he spends more time. The SIFAX boss’ Marriot Hotel will be competing with Jim Ovia’s Marriot Hotel on the Island which will be completed by next year, hopefully.