Kia Wins Customer Service Award of  the Year


KIA Motors Nigeria has over the years distinguished itself in the industry and hinged its business operations on providing exceptional customer service to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. 

This unflinching resolve earned the brand the award for the best customer service provider and the winner of the 2016 Nigeria Customer Service Award (NCSA) in the automobile category. 

In this year’s edition of the Nigeria Customer Service Award held at the Civic Towers in Lagos, Kia was singled out for superior customer service. The award is recognition of the brand’s proactive practices, continuous improvements, and dedicated resolve to streamline its processes to make service offering more customer-focused. It recognises the top-rated industry players by assessing customer satisfaction, responsiveness and customer experience features as indicators of exceptional achievement. In view of this, Kia’s exceptional service has helped edged it above competition to be awarded the best service provider in the auto industry. 

The organiser critically examines customer feedback at a long-term touch-point through mystery visits, online polls, cold calls to customers and use the results from the analysis to determine the winners of the award across all major industries in the country.

 The 2016 award winners were determined based on results from surveys distributed to customers, hence, Kia exceeded the expectations of its customers from sales to exceptional after sales service and this unprecedented feat was adjudged the best in the industry by the organisers.

Aliyu Ilias, coordinator of the NCSA, speaking on the significance of the awards, said “it basically aims at celebrating service excellence in Nigeria. We encourage Nigerian companies to go beyond paying lip-service and eye-service to customers because the customer deserves better”. He further stressed that the award is unique because it reflects the opinions of customers at every touch point by providing companies with a glimpse into what potential customers really think of their brand and showcasing their perception strengths.

 “We provide unequalled end-to-end customer experiences. At all touch points, our customers are provided premium service that is second to none and uniquely tailored to their requirements. Our dynamic operations provide seamless measures to ensure consistency and we are poised to exploring new, innovative ideas to improve and enhance the products and services we offer to stay ahead of the curve in the industry,” said Sandeep Malhotra, Chief Commercial Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria.

The award categories cut across twenty-seven sectors of the economy including Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, Media, Hospitality, Transport, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Automobiles, Aviation and others. Awards are given to the companies that have defied all odds to create the highest standard for service delivery and overall customer experience. The tenacity of Kia in providing optimum service was lauded for its outstanding performance and the award reflects the opinions of customers at every touch point.