El-Zakzakky’s trial: Nigerians in Dispora Protest, Demand Speedy Prosecution


Ugo Aliogo

Movement of the People of Nigeria (MPN), a group of Nigerians initiated a protest on Monday at the United Nations Building and Nigeria House in New York City, US, against the non-prosecution of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) IMN leader, Mr. Ibraheem El-Zakyzaky.

The US Coordinator of the group, Cosmas Collins, said the Nigerian government is making a mistake by not prosecuting members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) for purported acts of violence against the state and against citizens of Nigeria.

He said it is important the world is able to reassure the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that they have global support for nipping the growing terror of IMN in the bud.

According to him, a clear message must be sent to the government that the firmness with which it deals with the IMN threat is a matter of global interest as any fallout from delay in dealing with the threat posed by the group will affect the world.

The result of several investigations that followed the clash between the IMN members and army in December, 2015 all points to the prosecution of the IMN leader, El-Zakyzaky and all those that supported him in that insurrection.

He said: “We are therefore here to demand that the federal government and the Kaduna state government must do what the reports of NHCR and the Commission of Inquiry have recommended. Even without the prompting of the two reports the government should have done the needful by prosecuting everyone that precipitated that mayhem.

“Failure to prosecute these people, including El-Zakyzaky is making other groups think of coming out because it is now believed that it is fashionable to take on the state without consequences.

“The government must not also omit to consider bringing charges of subversion against members of the group for inviting Iranian intervention in Nigeria’s internal affairs. As a prelude to this, the government should investigate the finances of the group and its senior members to see if they have been beneficiary of Iranian sponsorship of terrorism