Nollywood Marketers Plan Big for First Investiture and Award


Grand preparation for the first Investiture and Award Ceremony of Film and Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria,( FVPMAN) Lagos Branch is in top gear as the Association is prepared and ready to take Nollywood to another level. This was made known by the Chairman, Emeka Aduah, as he promises that the association who made Nollywood by investing in it at a time when no nobody believed in the enormous talents that were abound, is living up to its responsibilities.

He said the association has opened new frontiers of recognition for Nollywood, by further raising the stakes to reward some of the best talents in different categories with its first investiture and award ceremony.

Speaking on some of these reforms, Aduah said, the association had ensured that consumers buy sequel films and the see the end of those films, most especially films that has up to part four or more as the case might be.

Aduah said in the past, viewers don’t get to see the end since they come with different titles, but the association has ensured that all films must start with a title and end with it and no movies must exceed 52 minute.

Aduah declared pirates as the greatest menace of the industry, as they reap off where they did not sow, hence the association is leaving no stones unturned in this regards, as those caught are currently facing the law.

He also pledges that the association will do more in this regards to weed off more pirates.

Another major problem Aduah considers as a threat to the growth and development of the industry is the influx of foreign films.

He said most of the foreign films are not censored, yet they keep flooding the markets and the different organizations responsible for checkmating these activities are not doing anything, yet they sell side by side with Nigerian film that are censored.

While calling on the federal government to safeguard what he considers as the livewire of this business, he also calls for both the corporate organizations, brands, banks, GSM companies and the private individual to partner with them to ensure that this year’s event is a huge success.

Aduah said: “The essence of the award night is to create further awareness about who we are, let the world know more of our activities, from employment, reforms and recognize those who have contributed to the growth of the industry, from the script to the screen.”