Indiscriminate Use of Antibiotics Causes Vaginal Infection, Says Expert

By Martins Ifijeh
Indiscriminate use of antibiotics can cause vaginal acidity, giving room for infection, a renowned gynaecologist, Dr. Olufisayo Balogun has said.
He said this affects the growth of the lactobacillus around the vagina, as well as kill them, thereby laying the vagina bare for infection to thrive.
Stating this during the general meeting of the Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria, (SOGON), he said the access to antibiotics in Nigeria should be regulated, as most women with vaginal infection have reported for its indiscriminate use.
Dr. Balogun explained that apart from taking antibiotic, washing of the vagina with soap and water, as well as wearing of nylon under wears may cause more expose the vagina to infection.
While noting that vagina infection can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse, he said there were three main vaginal infection, which are: the protozoa, Fungal and the bacteria, adding that sometimes mix infections could occur.
“Every woman has a normal vaginal discharge, which is expected to be scanty, clean and odourless and not associated with itching. But when it becomes itchy, with colour and odour, it is most likely as a result of infection.
The gynaecologist said the vaginal has its own bacteria which serves as protection for the tissue from pathogenic bacteria, also known as the abnormal flora. In a woman of the reproductive age group between the ages of 15 to 45 years, the ovaries are still active, producing estrogen actively,” adding that estrogen makes glycogen availability in the vaginal.
“‘The lactobacillus work on the glycogen, converting it to lactic acid which brings down the acidity within the vaginal,” he added.
He also called on women to stop douching, which is the use of soap or detergent and water to wash the vagina. “This does not make it clean as we think, because while trying to wash the inside of the vagina with such materials, it destroys the normal flora of the vagina.
Dr. Balogun urged women to be extra careful when dealing with their vagina, as it is one of the most sensitive part of their body.
He said “the acidic the vaginal environment must be kept at its normal floral state at all time by avoiding washing the soap and water. She recommended Klovinal for the treatment of any kinds of vaginal infection.