In Their Fathers’ Name…Lucky Igbinedion’s Daughter, Orobosa, Marries Ibrahim Mantu’s Son, Umar


He chose his wife, as she did her wedding gown; not for a fine glossy surface, but for such qualities as would wear well. Thus when Umar Ibrahim-Mantu married Orobosa Lucky-Igbinedion last Saturday, he was at once making a rational decision and living his dream. Last Saturday, the city of Benin lost its balance for the Igbinedions. The joy of the newlywed couple knew no bounds as they swooned with joy and excitement on the dance floor. The pair waltzed across the reception hall like two royal scions at the threshold of their dreams.

Every detail about their wedding was undeniably gorgeous. The rich and enviable social contacts and affiliations of the bride’s family, was fully displayed and amply felt by everyone present at the occasion as the hall was packed full with the crème of the pack of Nigeria’s business and political high societies. Orobosa, the most well trained and well groomed of the Igbinedion daughters, was practically swooning with joy as she married her heartthrob, Umar.

Riddled with joy and a hearty smile that electrified the venue and lasted through the celebration, they clung to each other like a meticulously wrought jewel. Indeed, the couple couldn’t have had a better wedding; a reality not a few of their guests unhesitatingly admitted. Yes, immediately after the Abuja ‘leg’ of the party where the Mantus will host the who is who, the couple would be crisscrossing the world for their honeymoon playfully running after each other and picking pebbles on the sandy esplanade of holiday resorts while retiring under the moonlight of Europe’s scenic cities among other idyllic vacation spots. So we heard.

If the face of Greta Garbo was an idea, and that of Audrey Hepburn was an event, the Executive Vice Chairman of Moni Pulo, Seinye Lulu Brigs’s gorgeousness redefines the bounds of loveliness and grace. “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. Other women cloy the appetites they feed, but she makes hungry where most she satisfies,” mused William Shakespeare in his epic work Cleopatra. Were the great dramatist and poet alive now, it would be interesting to know what he would write about Seinye, the wife of Chief Lulu Briggs. Whatever he writes, the greatest metre and rhyme will never be enough to idolize the beauty and depth of Seinye. But even at that, she is hardly given to fickle idolatry, unlike most of the women she shares the right to acclaim and celebrity status with.

Every day in her life portends a fresh adventure; it’s enchanting, melodic, like the coming together of lovelorn soul mates caught in an interminable whirlpool of passion. Perhaps it’s her captivating beauty, maybe it’s her capacity to win and tame even the most frigid heart that enchants her husband and binds him to her love – for each day spent in her presence necessitates a fresh wooing. However, son in-law, Ovundah, serenaded her last Wednesday on her birthday. It was a show of love. Ovundah Akarolo is married to, Solate Lulu-Briggs. Besides feeling and showering unparalleled love on his wife, Ovundah also shares joint bank accounts with her. Further findings revealed that the MoniPulo Group boss does not operate an individual bank account but instead operates several joint accounts with his wife as a mark of unwavering love and loyalty to her. They run Solate’s family business together. It’s love actually