Voices. Silence. Dialogues. Silence. Stop. Repeat.

The regular routine of the in dwelling voices in my head since that day. Tragedies and comedies are the most distinct forms of plays, after which you see a mixture of both. This however, lies solely in the bosoms of tragedy. Unless you fancy the cravings and troubles of insanity.

At the start of this story, the end begins with that connection. We had that connection, the kind that I could only truly liken to food (my love for food is unquantifiable), that kind that stirs an ever scorching yet soothing fire deep down. That sole presence amidst glazed wastelands that made rubble attractive, that made hell all too bearable.

“He who has a why to live, can bear with almost any how” -Friedrich Nietzsche
Real or not, her look was then more luminous than the ever rising sun, which had at that time begun to light the heavens, although it seemingly was night. She, the perpetually contemplated thought that arrested my every moment of the last three days.

“Mr Trevor. Mr Trevor!” Let me introduce my doctor. The voice calling out. Dr. Dave. See, he’s the only real person in my confused world. “The voices still plaguing you Trevor?” I really wanted to say yes, but I started wondering if I actually wasn’t okay. I start narrating yet again to him, the ongoing dialogues in my head, and most importantly, about her. Apparently, I’m the only one who believes in her being.

A thought transfixes me: Where’s she? I guess the doctor’s shouting again. “There’s no she Trevor.” Suddenly there’s deep blackness. Thick enough to cut through. Yet strangely calming. Apparently, I had been drugged yet again.”…for the heat will eventually dissipate, the pain will ebb, and the calm will come.” The last words before the darkness consumes me.
Et lux in tenebris lucet – And the light shineth in Darkness.
Every man has his own troubles. Inner demons, that he must battle, fights he must face. This was mine. And through the canvas of thick darkness, a sage peace stemmed from a troubled mind.
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