Onah Nwachukwu is now Editor-in-Chief of Complete Fashion Magazine


True Tales Publications (TTP) has announced the appointment of Onah Nwachukwu as the group’s Editor-in-Chief. Nwachukwu joined the company as a Deputy Editor in 2013 and distinguished herself in her functions, thus quickly moving on to become the Editor of the prestigious HELLO! Nigeria, the Nigerian franchise of the popular UK celebrity magazine, HELLO!

True Tales Publication General Manager, Chidinma Awa Agwu said “The job of an editor-in-Chief is quite tasking; it goes beyond minding the editorial ship to include overseeing all needed features in the growth of the brands. Fortunately, Onah is a trained professional with a great sense of responsibility and a good eye for details.”

The CEO of the group, Aditya Rao said, “By appointing Onah the Editor-in-Chief of TTP, we strongly believe in her ability to contribute towards the success of our magazines and the growth of our brands. As well as being highly creative, she possesses an all-round business acumen, which we believe will solidify our stand in the market and add value to the growth model set as our benchmark.”

Since her appointment as Editor-in-Chief, she has made great strides in re-positioning one of the group’s flagship publications COMPLETE FASHION. There is no doubt she will make a great impact on the group’s future and continue the good work with the rest of the brands.