DHQ: Boko Haram Video Diversionary, Replica of 2014 Clip


Warns terrorist remnants to
surrender Senator Iroegbu in Abuja
The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has described the latest video by Boko Haram terrorists as diversionary and an updated photoshop of the one released in 2014.

The Director of Defence Information (DDI), Brig-Gen. Rabe Abubakar, in a statement yesterday, said as much as the Nigerian Armed Forces would have allowed the ranting of the Boko Haram in its latest video clip to go without formal reaction, it becames necessary to make some comments to douse the apprehension of the Nigerian citizens concerning the outburst in the video clip.

Abubakar stressed “That the video clip is diversionary and a desperate attempt by the dying Boko Haram sect to remain relevant.”
He dismissed the video clip as a complete show of weakness and sign that the end is near for the insurgents, “hence it does not in any way poses threat to us.”

He said: “The military is equally not deterred by the photoshop assemblage of worshippers at the supposed Eid-el-Kabir prayer which is a replica of the video clip released by the sect in 2014.

“This has cast aspersions to the credibility of the clip and therefore should be disregarded. The Nigerian military is highly committed to making lives unbearable to the enemies of this nation wherever they are and would do all that is required within its rules of engagement to ensure that no part of Nigerian territory is conducive and habitable for insurgents and any other criminals to stay and operate.”

The DDI said that the military believes so much in making statement through its action as evidenced in its past achievements rather than making noise in propaganda gimmick as exhibited by the Boko Haram elements in its recent video clip.

“Empty vessel, they say, makes most sound. All threat to leadership of our nation, military and citizens, should be discountenanced in its entirety as military is capable of further decimating the insurgents and providing security for all,” he stated.

Abubakar said while their operation will continue as planned with many terrorists already surrendering and many captives rescued, the remaining surviving Boko Haram terrorists were advised to surrender now for their own good.

He reiterated the commitment, determination and resilience in stamping out Boko Haram and other related criminals across the country.

The Defence spokesman also urged Nigerians not to bother “about the antics of the degraded sect meeting their waterloo is surely imminent”.

He promised that “with the support and prayers from the good citizens of our great country the Armed Forces make bold to say that never again would insurgence be allowed to reign supreme in our fatherland.”

He also reminded all citizens to report any suspected person(s) or object to the nearest security agency for prompt action.