Inlaks Organises Free IT Training to Boost Entrepreneurship


Emma Okonji

In a bid to promote entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths, Inlaks Computers has organised a free training for youths on how to build and install solar power panels and inverters.

The Technical Operations Manager of Inlaks Training Academy, Mr. Sola Fasogbon, who made the disclosure in Lagos, said the long-term goal of the workshop is to help provide Nigerians with alternatives to government power supply.

According to Fasogbon, the training is part of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

“We are giving back to the society. We want to empower people and let them know that they don’t need to depend on the government before they can generate their power supply As everyone knows, the federal government has been unable to attain the megawatts of electricity they promised us. And in every challenge, there is always a blessing. We are using this opportunity to train entrepreneurs and the youths to see the opportunity in this situation. We want to let them know that they can feed themselves without waiting on their family and friends or the government. We also want to make Inlaks Computers the employers of choice,” Fasogbon said.

He further explained that the training, which was organised for the company’s clients free of charge, would be extended to other Nigerians, including students of tertiary institutions in order to empower them before they graduate from school.

He said:“Presently, we are partnering the University of Lagos to train 200 students on building and installing solar panels and inverters for free. What we are doing now is the first phase, whereby we are training our top clients. They are our customers in the banking industry.”
“We have energy from the sun in abundance. We should be able to generate our own power. We have competent engineers who are going to facilitate the training. Some people say solar panels or inverters get spoiled easily, but this is mainly due to incompetence on the part of the engineers who build or install them,” Fasogbon said.

A participant at the training, Ayodeji Oyede, said the workshop would enable him to build and install solar panel in his home.

“I have gained a lot about designing a solar panel and I am satisfied with the workshop. Very soon, I will start implementing what I learnt,” he said.