Learn from Critics to Get Nigeria out of Recession, Cleric Tells Buhari


Paul Obi in Abuja

As the present economic recession bits harder, the Senior Pastor, Shepard House International Church, Rev. Joshua Talena, monday told President Muhammadu Buhari to stop seeing critics as enemies but humble himself and learn from them in order to take Nigeria out of the current economic recession.

He said Nigeria at the moment requires divine solutions to the country’s problems, particularly, the economic downturn that has continued to increase suffering across board.

Talena gave the charge during the service to celebrate media practitioners in Abuja, adding that, criticism is meant to help leaders become bitter and find solutions to problems bedevilling their societies.

“The leadership of Nigeria is not humble to seek solution, they are not accessible for advice. Most times, my enemies give me more of the information I need to become better.

“So my advice to the president is not to attack people who criticise your policies, learn from your critics to become better. By so doing, we will get out of the recession,” Talena stated.
The Senior Pastor observed that “the leadership of Nigeria must be humble before the nation can have a turnaround” stressing that, “the leaders must have a heart of God and make themselves available to God.”

Talena comended the Nigerian media but added that it must do more in holding the leaders accountable, he further tasked Christians in the media to seek divine guidance in order to flourish in the present economic recession.”

He said: “There has always been famine in the bible but people have been able to come out through divine guidance.

“I am asking all media practitioners to ask God for idea and innovation and through that we will soon come out of the recession.”
He contended that if the media had done more in holding leaders to their words, Nigeria would not be in recession.

“The media should stand for the truth no matter the pressure, the government spent $16b on electricity, we didn’t hold them accountable, media should change tactics and come out with a system that will change this nation.”

Talena further stated that “there is a lot of corruption in the system but the change in individuals is the most important factor in bringing out the change promised by the government.”