In Idimu, DPO Turns New Leaf


The Divisional Police Officer, Idimu, SP Solomon Fayomi Adebayo has been in the news in recent times, for standing out as an officer that has come to make worthwhile impacts in his present domain. In just few months, he has changed the face of Idimu Police Division through his infrastructural projects and reorientation of officers under him, writes Peter Uzoho

Since coming on board as the 40th Divisional Police Officer (DPO), in Idimu, he has turned things around as evidenced by the eloquent testimonies accompanying his performance so far.

Before his arrival, police officers in the division were known for different kinds of evils and anti-human practices, ranging from extortion of money, unlawful arrests, confiscation of people’s vehicles with no clear reason, aiding and abetting robbery, to flagrant abuse of the rights of the people of Idimu community.

Also before Adebayo came on board, there was high rate of infrastructural decay within the division occasioned by neglect and lack of initiative from successive regimes in Idimu Police Division, who they said only came to serve their pockets instead of the Force and the public.

However, steering the ship at Idimu since his assumption in office on December 7, 2015, he has achieved a lot within a short time. His performance so far has shown that his appointment as the DPO of Idimu is a true reflection of putting a round peg in a round hole. He knows the actual needs of his domain and has continued to come up with ideas and actions tailored towards tackling them one after the other.

On Tuesday, August, 16 2016, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, inaugurated some capital projects successfully completed by Adebayo within few months of his service in Idimu, among which are a multi-million naira community multi-purpose hall, new office blocks, renovated police station and fence, and the police quarter guard.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony while being modest of his achievements, he remains appreciative of the members of Idimu community whom he said made his achievements possible through their financial, moral and spiritual support as well as their understanding and cooperation. He did not fail to recognise and thank the Commissioner of Police for giving him the opportunity to serve in that capacity and for his financial support.

“I want to use this opportunity to thank my CP for giving me the opportunity to serve as the 40th DPO in Idimu. Idimu used to be a household name in Lagos and Nigeria, and, as at today, it has given birth to 11 other police stations, a station that was started on the 17th of May, 1984. 40 DPOs have at one time or the other served their father’s land here. In terms of crime, Idimu is structured in a special way. We have about 11 estates and each of these estates has a formidable Community Development Area (CDA) and each time there is distress they usually make calls to the police station.

“We have about 11 cars and 48 machines and all these are very useful to the police because it is the gateway to other notable cities in Lagos. And since we started work here on 7th December, 2015, the day I was posted here by my Commissioner of Police, we’ve been able to do our bit; not because we have any power but, because policing is everybody’s job. I want to appreciate the people of Idimu who have helped us, and all the things we have done so far is because of these people you are seeing here. This building was started on the 8th of April, 2016, and as at 6th of May, 2016, the building has been completed. Individuals and groups donated; we have people here who would only come here and begin to pray.

“This multi-million naira building was given birth to by the donation from a church. A church came down here and asked what they could do for us and they gave us N200, 000. With that N200, 000, we called on bricklayers, block moulders, and by the grace of God, within 28 days, the hall became this. Also, a lawyer here donated the air conditioners in this hall. He did that to appreciate us for responding promptly to his distress call some time ago when armed robbers came to his house,” Adebayo noted.

Commending the pragmatic DPO and the supportive community members, Area M Commander, Idimu, ACP Felix Okediji, said people never believed that any good thing could come out of “our Nazareth as the Nigerian Police. It’s you who are our stakeholders, who have supported us to be able to put up this structure within a couple of days, to say whether of a truth the police is turning a new leaf or not.

“I want to thank God for the initiative of the Divisional Police Officer, Idimu, SP Solomon Adebayo. He is an officer of emulation. We had the privilege of working together in Ogun State when we were fellow DPOs and right from that time; I knew that he is an officer that has a lot of things to offer. The white man would talk about corporate social responsibility; giving back to society part of what the society has done for you. When you see somebody that is great, that has made it, he will want to give back to the society. He has told you a story of how a man of God through their prayers, gave them a donation of N200, 000, which led to the foundation and completion of this edifice. Some other people would have eaten the money up and said after all I am the DPO. But the man did not do that,” Okediji noted.

“I also I thank God for this legacy which my Commissioner of Police has come here to inaugurate,” he added.

The Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC), Lagos State, represented by Dr. Francis Oladun, said “He laid the foundation of this building about five months ago and today, it’s inaugurated. I want to make a special remark about DPO. He is a very young man with a bold intelligence. The man is not a proud person. He is a man who you can rely on; a man who doesn’t take money from anybody. He is a serious person. He is a man who would take his own money and give it to some people around. If we can have somebody like this in the Nigerian Police, I believe no one would have anything to complain again.”

On his part, Mr. Shoyombo Monsuru representing Youth Movement of Nigeria, Alimosho branch, said “Sincerely, our analysis of the Nigerian Police has been distorted because the present works by the DPO, the Area Commander and the Commissioner, has really changed the analysis of the youth concerning the Nigerian Police. Before now, we said that this country would not move forward because of the performance and the gesticulation of the Nigerian Police. But now, what we’re seeing is so different.

“We’re seeing Nigerian Police that has been reformed. We’re seeing Nigerian Police that has been changed and we’re seeing Nigerian Police that has future. And at the moment, we can say that the entire Nigeria is having a great future with this type of Nigerian Police.

“Honestly, I’ve been in this community for several years and I’ve met different DPOs in this Police Station, but SP Fayomi is a different Police man. Anytime you call him he will answer you and when he answers you, he would never answer with a tone of distress or show of less concern. The Area Commander came and met with us the other time and made several promises which we thought were all empty promises, but honestly, all the promises he made, he is fulfilling them. Because of that, we need to support this present Nigerian Police so that Lagos and Nigeria will be safe, he said.

The Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Civil Engagement, Hon. Kehinde Joseph representing the State Government, said “Whenever you call him (Adebayo) as everybody rightly said, the man will pick your call. You can see that within this our community we have relative peace.”

Rewarding Adebayo for his display of exemplary attribute of honesty and fairness in the execution of his duties as the DPO of Idimu, a church known as God’s Mercy Revival Ministries, presented an award to him on 14th August, 2016, which further corroborated the testimonies on his good works at the Division.

Delivering his speech, the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Awoseni while commending the DPO, said “there are officers and there are officers. You know that some people will have the privilege of having financial assistance and what they will do with it is to start buying lands for themselves.

“I want to but thank the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, who somehow, is emphasising change in the way we do things, and by extension, to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, who, upon assumption of office, has challenged us, and has charged us that, we must engage in the best manner with the members of the public. We’re not the police, you the people are the police. If the police perform well, it is the members of the public; if we fail, whether you like it or not, you have failed,” Owoseni noted.

He further said, “If they collect bribe on the road, they are your boys and your children because those are the people you gave us to wear uniform as police officers. So whatever they do, it’s a reflection of you members of the community, because they didn’t drop any of us from heaven to come and wear uniform. You nurtured some of us and of course, if we fail; if we’re bribe-takers; if we’re using the gun to kill people that means you have not nurtured us well. So in every society, the police is a reflection of that society. So, I want to plead with you to continue to show us understanding. Our failures, take it as your mistakes for not nurturing us well. Then, you now come up with solutions. All of us must have to put hands together to ensure that our environment is safe and secured.

“For the building, it is to serve the community. If you probably want to have interaction with the police here, you have a place to stay and do your interaction without the fear of being beaten by the rain or the sun. Some of our police men that are transferred sometimes, that could not easily get house, may be, before they go to the far place where they are living, may probably come and sit down here to rest before they go home.”
The Commissioner thanked the DPO and all the partners for making the project a reality. “Taking it from the initiative of the DPO who deemed it necessary to have this building, and to all our partners, members of the community, who have, in one way or the other, supported this initiative, on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, I sincerely thank you.”

Also at the occasion, the Police Commissioner constituted the Eminent Persons Forum (EPF), Idimu Chapter, which he said, was in compliance with the directive of the Inspector General of Police, who mandated all Police Commands to constitute such body in every division of the Nigerian Police. He said the Eminent Persons Forum is a way of furthering partnership between the police and the members of the community, and would be saddled with the responsibility of coming up with suggestions on how to do effective policing. The Eminent Persons Forum comprises retired military officers, retired police officers and security agents, representatives of various segments of the community as well as members of the press in the community.