How Police Foil Kidnap Attempt on Femi Otedola


The fear of kidnappers, for some of Nigeria’s successful top corporate players and business moguls, seems to be the beginning of wisdom. Not just because of militants’ predilection for creating a storm in a tea cup, but because of their newfound sport; kidnapping. In the last couple of years, the kidnapping scourge has gone beyond just capturing Caucasians working in oil companies. Now, Nigerians, especially the elites, are becoming prime targets. Of course, nobody wants to be held to ransom, not just because of money, but for the fear of mindless killing.

As you are reading this, many of these elites are planning to relocate their kiths and kin abroad. However, an armed robbery suspect, Ikechukwu Daniel, also known as Ike, has disclosed that his gang hatched a plan to kidnap businessman, Femi Otedola, but the plot was foiled by the police. He also confessed that his gang, which was linked to the abduction of Senator Iyabo Anisholowo, operated with military uniforms and hijacked three trailers on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Ike was arrested sometimes in June at Festac Town in Lagos while negotiating the ransom of a victim kidnapped in Ibadan.His disclosure emerged following Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris’ directive to the Force Intelligence Response Team (IRT) to arrest anyone linked to the kidnap of Senator Anisulowo. Within a few days of receiving the instruction, the IRT operatives arrested one Mohammed Babuga, and he owned up to the fact that he and one Mamman masterminded the kidnap.


Love is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air-borne particle in its tissue. It catches on with both old and young, male and female. It confounds the wise and it teaches even fools. Thus when a sensible woman like Princess Eyamba Henshaw, gets caught in its silken thread, the end result becomes truly fascinating.

At a time when many would have given up on love and marriage, one of Nigeria’s most accomplished female professionals, Princess Eyamba Henshaw, has found love. Recently, she got married to Dr. Henry Ezekwu, the popular Lagos Big Boy. She was in her mid-50s. Eyamba is the first daughter of the late Professor Nta Elijah Henshaw, the former Obong of Calabar. A lawyer by training, Eyamba is the elder sister of Pelebo, wife of Ebitimi Banigo, the Amanyanabo of Okpoama Kingdom. Eyamba is currently a director at SLG Limited. Her close friendship with a former handsome governor was reported to have resulted in the birth of a child.

But while Eyamba’s story reads like an interesting script on the beauty perseverance and undying hope, her groom, Ezekwu’s story is even more intriguing. Ezekwu is the founder and Managing Director of CSA Ltd., an experiential communications outfit. An accomplished public speaker, television presenter and public affairs commentator, Ezekwu is a medical doctor of repute whose interest in public relations and media work spans 25 years of sterling accomplishments for corporations and governments across West Africa.

Ezekwu once caused a storm in the society through his alleged affairs with Omua Oni-Okpaku, the former mistress of Dr. Tunde Soleye, the famous businessman and society patriarch. The affair between Omua and Soleye had lasted many years and produced a son, Olamide. Ezekwu has since found lasting love in the arms of Eyamba, and sources disclosed that the couple opted for a low-key wedding ceremony, to avoid the prying eyes of the public. He is also in his mid-50s.