Kobo Offers Free Delivery of 1000kg Package for 500 SMEs


Emma Okonji

Nigeria’s premiere asset free online logistics firm, Kobo360 has announced a free delivery service for small and medium enterprises, SMEs in Nigeria.

Tagged: #Kobofreedeliveries, the free service will see Kobo moving about one metric tonne package for over 500 SMEs and individuals that will qualify.

Entries for the free service, which started since August 20, will close on Wednesday, August 31, 2016. All shortlisted entries will see their packages moved to any destination of choice both within and outside Nigeria at no cost.

SMEs and individuals can participate by visiting the Kobo website, and filling the form to indicate their pickup locations and destinations. Only 500 SMEs will be selected through a random selection and will have their packages moved across the country and internationally.
However for those that may not be selected, Kobo will be offering them a 50 per cent discount on their next shipment to any location across the country or any part of the world.

Speaking on the motivation for the free service, Co-founder, Kobo, Obi Ozor, said: “As you know, logistics, which includes package delivery, postal delivery, etc as a concept, is one that Nigerian companies still struggle with intensely. In fact, in a country with more than 75 million businesses and over 190 million people who need things moved around every day, there still is not a viable, reliable and affordable logistics solution to move goods in a safe and certain manner, until now. This is the gap that Kobo has come in to fill.”

“More so, people need to become aware of the service we have, especially when we talk of speed and affordability. Our solution leverages individual participation and reputable logistics partners in the delivery of packaged goods, effectively democratising the logistics industry. So our free delivery service is indeed a strategy to getting people to become aware of this solution which is truly disrupting the industry and providing a solution to the logistics challenge in Nigeria,” Ozor added.

According to him, “We have made a good preparation to ensure optimum utilisation of this opportunity by SMEs and individuals who may wish to take part. We have provided pickup locations for those who do not want to schedule a pickup. We have over eleven of them across the country. These include about six locations in Lagos, three in Abuja and two locations in Port Harcourt.”