Police Deny Sealing PDP Convention Venue


By Ernest Chinwo

The police in Rivers State has denied sealing the Sharks Stadium venue of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Convention in Port Harcourt.

The denial is coming even when police vehicles and amoured personnel carriers are used by the police to prevent people from having access to the venue.

Addressing journalists in Port Harcourt this Wednesday morning, the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr Francis Odesanya, said the police did not seal off the Shark Stadium venue of the national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Odesanya said the police was only acting in compliance with a court order to provide security for the safety of lives and property.

When asked which of the court orders he was complying with, he simply said, “We are only obeying a court order. It is not my duty to interpret court orders. You people are journalists and you got the court orders too. You are in a position to interpret the orders.”

He also refused to reveal when the police got the order to seal off the venue of the convention, as the police authority had disclosed earlier that it was yet to get the order, as at 11pm on Tuesday night.

He said, “Are actions are in line with the court order. It is not relevant when we got to the venue. The police have been there; we are always everywhere. We are always providing security everywhere. That is our primary assignment; to make sure that everywhere within the state is secured.

“Police did not seal off anywhere. We are merely providing security and ensuring that there is peace, security and order.”

He also said journalists were not in any position to speak for and on behalf of PDP delegates who could not gain entrance into the venue of the convention.

“Journalists are not delegates and you cannot speak for delegates. You are journalists and you are not accredited,”he said.