Spectranet Bags Best Broadband Company Award


After one year of rebranding the Spectranet 4GLTE service offering as a premium house hold and business enterprise internet service provider in the country, the organisers of the Nigerian Telecom Awards have the brand as the Broadband Company of the year 2016.

Speaking at the event, the organisers of the Nigerian Telecoms Award stated that the award was based on the overwhelming industry recommendations of very competent officers, coupled with independent research of the assessment team and the interviews of senior officers in relevant sectors.

The Panel of Judges and over 750 assessors were said to have seen the seriousness of purpose in the intention of the company to deliver a first class broadband internet service thereby contributing to the filling of Nigerians Broadband gap.

The spread of Spectranet to major cities with functional offices and activities is believed to have given a high social value to the Brand. It is equally believed in some quarters that the Spectranet prides itself as the first internet service provider to launch 4G LTE in Nigeria and strives to be the favoured to families and small/medium sized businesses.

Responding to the award, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, David Venn, said: “We are humbled by the vote of confidence from our customers and this encourages us to continue our quest to provide the best internet experience at affordable prices. This award is dedicated to all the loyal customers for choosing the faster, smarter and more reliable internet service.  It is a show of appreciation and a call to action for Spectranet to keep pushing the boundaries in service offerings.’’