Wedding Across the Seas! Bola Tinubu Takes the Rich and Famous to Milan for Son’s Marriage


If fortune can be harvested as gold and silver grapes and blessings flourish like leaves and silver fleurs-de-lys, the life-path and home of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu would glitter like a barn full of treasure and a life well spent. Tinubu is that powerful!

However, the idyllic city of Milan, Italy, will once again open its bowels to the crème of Nigerian society in few days, 9th and 10th August. Milan will creak at the eaves for Nigerian politicians. Seyi Tinubu, the son of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, two-time governor of Lagos State and All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, is getting married to Layal Holm, his Lebanese lover of months. Expectedly, Tinubu is leaving no stone unturned to give his son a wondrous wedding. Until their union, they were like jagged pieces of two glass hearts yearning for their missing parts.

Then they found each other and fit perfectly in place. The first molded with the second and in the heat of the moment, held from head to toe. A perfect masterpiece, a love so high it despises going low. Predictably, many people are eager to be part of the memorable celebration. Not a few people have been jostling to lay their hands on a copy of the invite, but unfortunately, it would be easier to embark on a round-trip through the Bermuda triangle than to get the invitation card. That is how scarce and exclusive the party would be.

Seyi is a Law graduate. He acquired his LLB degree from the prestigious University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. He acquired his Masters in Corporate & Commercial Law at the same university where he came out on merit. Layal on the other hand, is of Lebanese and Nigerian descent. She is said to be a brilliant consultant at foremost auditing firm, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC). The 25-year-old is a graduate of Political Science and African Studies at the SOAS (School of Oriental Studies) University of London. She also has a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Business Management from the University of Surrey.


Decay and disease are never beautiful, they bring perfect misery to the fairest of mortals’ imperfect body and soul, like the translucent tear of the shellfish and the hectic glow of high fever. Ask Senator Godswill Akpabio, he knows better now. It almost snuffed life out of his wife, Unoma and cast his family in the vicious grip of inconsolable grief. The news of Unoma’s debilitating ailment resonated like murderous of a mad mob hounding its prey to sad death.

The story caused panic within Nigeria’s socio-economic space. However, like random malevolent news at the end of its spell, news of her sickness dissipated into thin air to make room for the reality of her existence. Unoma evaded the long, cold clasp of death when she slipped into coma after a major surgery in a German hospital. Although, her husband, Senator Akpabio, who has been talking about her health to everybody who cares to listen, has not revealed the actual nature of her ailment, but people have begun to speculate about the nature of her affliction.

Their speculations of course, vary from the logical and moderate to the improbable and extremely wild. Sources close to them, gave subtle hints about the true nature of her affliction. The details will be revealed in due course.



Governor Ayodele Fayose is not a man of steel. Having realised that, his coterie of friends and political associates have stopped ennobling him as a warrior forged of steel and decades of exposure in a burning furnace. The secret is out: when the going gets tough and the heat intensifies, even a tough-talking Ayo Fayose loses his nerve and exaggerated wits. Indeed, the loquacious and highly controversial governor of Ekiti State may have met his waterloo in the successive intrigues bedeviling his government and political career. But while he stews in boiling waters, his closest friends and associates have deserted him. Friends and political associates of Governor Fayose began to avoid him soon after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) froze his bank accounts and commenced investigations about his alleged role in embezzlement of and diversion of public funds amounting to billions of naira.

Immediately the EFCC pronounced him as a person of interest in its ongoing anti-corruption campaign and investigations, most of Fayose’s friends vanished from his side and his corridors into thin air. Many other political associates and acquaintances who flaunted their relationship with him are now denying having anything to do with him. Before now, the home and office of the one-week-one-trouble politician were constantly filled with friends, politicians, contractors, favour seekers and hangers on. But now, his office is nothing better than a deserted island just like his home. The impending wrath of the EFCC has caused him to withdraw from the public glare until things cool off.



Second chance is a treat for the man who had experienced fortune and rank only to lose it. Ask Jide Sanwoolu. The former Lagos commissioner has finally reencountered bliss in trying hours, like the sojourner who discovers a babbling brook in the middle of the Sahara. Jide has a reason to smile again after a long hiatus from the business and political scene.

It would be recalled that he served as the Executive Director of Marketing and Divisional Head of Real Specialties at Real Groups Ltd. While there, he coordinated the sales and marketing activities of the Specialties division. He also served as the commissioner for Establishment and Training between 2004 and 2005.

It was gathered that Jide who also worked for former deputy governor of Lagos, Femi Pedro, allegedly left him to sustain his loyalty to former Lagos governor, Bola Tinubu. Jide worked closely with Tinubu’s wife, Senator Oluremi. But soon after his stint in the corridors of power, he faded off the political scene. Rumour had it that he got caught in certain intrigues that left him flat broke and without a political base. Jide was totally forgotten and abandoned in his time of need.

Nothing was heard of him again until very recently when Governor Akinwumi Ambode came to his aid and restored him to political limelight by appointing him as the MD/CEO of Lagos State Property Development Corporation (LSDPC). Thus Jide currently controls major properties in Lagos as you read. This no doubt gives him cause to smile after suffering the torment of abandonment in the political wilderness.