European-American University to Honour MD Marcopolo Group


The Managing Director of Marcopolo Group of Companies, Chief Frank Okafor, will be conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree by European-American University.

According to a statement by   European -American University, Chief Frank Okafor has been recommended as one of the distinguished personalities to be honoured with this conferment of the Doctorate Degree in Togo, as a Doctor of Science (D.Sc Hons) in Housing Development and Corporate Governance”, in the lieu of his outstanding leadership achievements and contributions observed and strongly appreciated by those that recommended him.

Okafor has proved to the world that he is a man to be reckon with by doing a lot in the real estate and hospitality business to make life comfortable for people in different parts of Nigeria, especially in different parts of Lagos, where his company has built several estates and first-class hotel.

Okafor, who is heavily involved in the day today running of his companies with support from capable, reliable and committed staff, has thrived where many people failed, having used his business acumen and skills to redefine real estate and hospitality business in Nigeria.

One of the remarkable and unique projects of the Marcopolo Properties is Cruz Garden, an architectural and aesthetic masterpiece is located in the high brow area of Lekki in Lagos, the Centre of Excellence.

The garden provides breathe taking serenity, class and a true