Professor Johnbull TV Series Delivers Strong Moral Punch


The new television drama series tagged, Professor Johnbull, has started on a strong footing as a veritable tool for social reengineering and moral revival in the Nigerian society.

The drama, sponsored by telecoms giant, Globacom, debuted on Tuesday on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) network , NTA International and Startimes .

The maiden episode lived up to its promise as explosive in humour, satire, quality of cast and story line. In the episode titled ‘Claimant,’ Professor Johnbull was unveiled as a bombastic, paternalistic retired teacher whose high-profile grammar elevates every conversation to the level of a performance.

Beyond the humour of the drama, the programme showed itself to be a strong voice in the war against social vices in Nigeria. The drama deployed exciting dialogue seasoned in bombastic locutions and dictions to poke fun on evil and the doers thereof.

That first episode, in a satirical manner, unveiled the evils of fraudulent impersonation that had become a threat to the socioe-conomic fabric of Nigeria. The drama highlighted the conflict between the fraudulent impostor who got invited to the house of Professor Johnbull, the acclaimed opinion leader in the society where he was finally exposed.

One of the characters, Makuachukwu Ilodibe, impersonated the Koko master, D’banj by dressing like the megastar and interspersing his speech with the refrain “I’m D’banj!” to scam unsuspecting members of the public including the lead character, Professor Johnbull – acted by the inimitable Kanayo o. Kanayo.

The “erudite professor” met the fake D’banj at a restaurant owned by Olaniyi starred by Yomi Fash Lanso and tutored him on the essence of his sobriquet, Kokomaster which the Professor inadvertently interpreted to mean cocoa.

The deceit was exposed when Professor Johnbull’s engineer son, Churchill, who was the impostor’s school mate disclosed his real name and gave him a beating for lying as he was wont to do from their school days. Olaniyi, the restauranteur, also joined in punishing the impostor for deceiving him by eating free food along with his two friends. Professor Johnbull gave the denouement as he made didactic closing remarks on the repercussions of impersonation.

Many of those who watched the drama said it reminded them of rested classics like Village Headmaster, New Masquerade and Icheoku.

The drama series, Professor Johnbull, ignited a sense déjà vu in these viewers who thanked Globacom for giving them sublime comedy which they had not savoured in decades.

Professor Johnbull is a television drama series exclusively produced by Globacom.
It features an array of iconic stars including Mercy Johnson-Okogie, Ime Bishop Okon, Queen Nwokoye, Bovi, Chiwetalu Agu, O.C. Ukeje, Mama G and Helen Paul.

Reviewers said Globacom has raised the bar with this show.
The programme airs from 8.30p.m. to 9p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays on NTA network, NTA International and Startimes.