A new family-oriented television game show titled ‘UAC Unscripted’ has been launched. The package was conceptualised and produced by the HS Media Group as a vehicle to promote the services and products of UACN Plc.

The show follows an established pattern in which UACN attracts and connects with its different audiences through comedians. Anchored by ace comedian, Okey Bakassi, UAC Unscripted is a 30-minute show on NTA Network on Mondays.

Recounting previous television programmes made possible by the collaboration between UACN and his company, the CEO of HS Media, Mr. Taye Ige, listed Teju Baby Face’s The Real Nigerian Show in 2008; TA, Holy Malam & McAbbey’s UAC La ½ Hour in 2010 and Yaw, Klint da Drunk & Koffi’s UAC Soccer La ½ Hour in 2012.

However, the new show adopts a new format. Every week, the brand selects two celebrity couples to compete in puzzle games comprising, music, sports and current affairs quiz in the spontaneous and unrehearsed reality family game show. A sample of the programme screened at the launch featured comedian Owen Gee and his wife, Moyo and popular Goje Africa presenter couple, Isaac and Nneka Moses in a hot contest.

Executive Director, Corporate Services, UACN Plc, Mr. Joe Dada adduced reasons for the company’s sponsorship of television programmes. “Upon re-engineering our corporate identity in 2008, the need arose to identify strategies that are broad enough to meet varying communication needs of the business units despite the diversifying nature of their target audiences.

“Being the leaders in various sectors of the economy where they operate, the business units need to supremely identify with their customers in a manner that makes them stand out and yet identifiable as members of the same family – the UACN Plc family. Attempting to meet their communication needs led to us identifying comedy as a veritable platform for reaching out,” he said.

“The TV game show Unscripted is a 30-minute reality family game show, which is a platform to engage, educate, celebrate and reward our consumers. Alongside HS Media Group, our TV content provider, we have since then created a number of programmes beginning with The Real Nigerian Show before giving way to UAC La ½ Lines where serious issues in the society are discussed and solutions proffered in a very, very relaxed and lighthearted atmosphere created by comedy.”

Other celebrities to be featured include musical couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe who will battle actor Segun Arinze and his wife, Julie, in one of the episodes. There are also Gbenro and Osas Ajibade versus Yemi and Remi Blaq, and several other popular couples.

“Everything that happens on the TV game show UAC Unscripted are not scripted or rehearsed. Rather, they are spontaneous,” Okey Bakassi said at the unveiling.
Other celebrities present at the unveiling included comedian Klint Da Drunk and renowned football analyst Biola Kazeem among others.

Feel good music rapper, D-Truce has released the music video for his debut single hit ‘Better Days’ featuring fellow X3M label mate, Praiz.
Directed by Tolu Itogboje, the video was filmed at Ebutte-Metta and had scenes of children playing in a crowded street. The crowded buildings, beggars and traders hustling depict the perfect ghetto look.

A gentle D-Truce sits on a car and raps while the soulful Praiz stands in front of the car. There are also scenes of the rapper rapping from a balcony and walking down a dark staircase, while Praiz was captured playing a drum for the little children who flocked around him.

The setting perfectly blends with the message of the song which offers hope for a better day. Released last year, the soul hip-hop hit enjoyed massive airplay for its inspiring message of hope.

“Better Days is a song of hope to all those hustling for a better tomorrow. I believe if we do things properly, we will achieve our goals. It’s all a matter of time.” said the X3M label artiste.

Defining his kind of music as ‘feel good music’, the rapper got signed to X3M Music Label in 2014. His unique style combines rap with other genres of music.

Former beauty queen, Tomi Lydia Salami, has championed through her organisation, Aurora International Foundation, a new positive change in the world of tourism and philanthropy.

Tomi, the former Miss Tourism MBGN, had in the last three years been quietly impacting the lives of needy kids in public schools in various states in Nigeria.
Recently, the former queen turned Kwara State into a hub of development for education and tourism as she concluded her Kits for Kids Africa initiative where she generously donated brand new school bags, sandals, stockings, stationery, exercise books and many more to thousands of needy kids in the state’s public schools.

Supporting Tomi during the donations were visiting beauty queens from India, Botswana and South Africa. Asides that, they all joined in enlightening the kids on the benefits of education and encouraging them to strive for greater heights in the future.

Speaking on the success of her foundation’s outing, Tomi expressed her gratitude to Kwara State Governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed; Microsoft; Zuma Energy; Bubbles and every single supporter who contributed in one way or the other to the success of Kits for Kids Africa.

She stated that supporting initiatives like this is a proper way to invest in the future. She said, “It was truly an amazing experience – hectic and time bound but very rewarding. The children in the schools we visited were ecstatic. They were truly inspired to look beyond their circumstances and to hold on to bigger dreams. I hope we are able to receive more support and thus cover more grounds on our next outing.”

One of the highlights of the events in Kwara State was the visit of the beauty queens to Owu Falls.
“The feel of the ice-cold showers from the falls on our skin was mind-blowing. Legend says the water falls faster and more heavily when you call its name…We hope for investor interests and massive infrastructural development in the State so that spot can be turned into a goldmine for tourism,” Tomi said.

Veteran model, Magi Michael has released two books, ‘411 on Modeling’ and ‘Modeling as a Career’. He said the books were birthed out of the need to place modeling on the pedestal it should be and to also make modeling the interesting and noble career it has always been.
“In these books everyone will know that everybody can model and everybody is a model. This is so because there is a department for everyone in modeling. We have different department in modeling, there is fashion modeling, body part modeling, glamour modeling etc. The misconception people have about modeling is that modeling is about the slim people that walk on the runway. But fashion modeling is not modeling but a department in modeling,” said Magi who been modeling since 1979.

Magi said it took 10 years to come up with the books.
Some of the subjects treated in the books include but are not limited to how to walk like a model, the link between modeling and hieroglyphic, the harm of anorexia and how to avoid it, and there are other chapters about modeling and all its interesting crannies.
In Modeling as a Career, there are chapters on a Supermodel, what it is to be a supermodel, what it takes to be one and how to be one. There is a chapter about the contractual agreement between a modelling agent and a model. The somatotypes was also discussed because of its relationship between regular models and anorexic models.

The new short horror flick, ‘Reverie’ produced by Grey Lotus Studio, Eagles House Global Resources and Bobbyflex Studios has been described as a work created by minds and hands that are super talented.
According to the Director, Ikenna Oguike, Reverie is filled with blurry echoes of ghostly choruses from fears of the unknown and a must see movie.

This story is about a beau who found himself in a mystic wasteland with erratic creatures and wrestled with life. While in his subconscious mind, he was quarantined and continued rambling in his thoughts on how to survive the unknown expedition.

The official trailer of the short film which was unveiled some days ago asked a simple but direct question “what would you do if you find yourself in a mystic wasteland?”, and that was the question posed to the character played by Frank Paladini, the lead actor in the movie.

One of the producers of the movie, Alayande Stephen said, “It is a new undertaking for me for I have been more involved with sitcoms and soap series within and outside the shores of the country in the last few years. But producing a short film came with its own attendant challenges and we hope for the best”. Other producers were Adeniyi Adebayo and Ikenna Oguike.

The cast of the film include Emmanuel Ilemobayo and Kelechi Amaole, Cynderalla Ukwunna, Olayiwola Abujade and Alayande Stephen T. The story was written and screen played by Heaven Kalu. The monumental duty of rendering the Special Effects was taken up by Abigail Pender, while the film was edited by Sola Idowu.