The Sarah Aigbotsua Pet Story


Jindu Elueze, better known as ‘half man half dog’

The first move in pet ownership which is purchase is where issues start from in many cases; the guide here is: Do not purchase a pet from an unlicensed or unknown outfit; it causes more harm than good, chief being that the purchaser will definitely not have useful knowledge of the pet’s state and the seller will most likely vanish into thin air. A very high percentage of pets purchased this way either die away or infect the owner with some kind of ailment.

Furthermore pets are a good security detail but this is largely dependent on training received which in turn is dependent on the trainer(s). It should also be noted that there are different kinds/levels of training programmes/processes for different breeds of pets; credible research and sources have revealed that only Pet Planet Nigeria have these comprehensive and affordable training schemes that have yielded the wanted results over time.

To be stated clearly; pets should be seen beyond being just animals as they are actually just a different set of special beings that should be treated with diligence, care and professionalism each according to its breed/maximum ability as is done in Pet Planet.

Another very important part of pets’ existence that is often poorly carried out is feeding; we say the way to one’s heart is his stomach, so it is with pets. Now pets are unlike humans in many aspects including food so they require proper feeding guides/officers that take care of gauging food size, nutritional benefits, water and supplements to make sure that the pet stays in the best mental frame.

A major consequence of improper feeding is the triggering of hormones that lead to an attack; first comes a build-up of anger and as the irregular/wrong combination of food persists the rage increases; a lot of animals see in black-and-white (which is why it takes time for some to recognise people) and when they get to that level of food-induced rage it becomes pretty difficult to recognise anybody at all including its owner, the result in many cases is quite disastrous.

Pets’ feeding and nutrition is one of the fortes at Pet Planet Nigeria as the organisation is recognised and respected in the West African sub-region when it comes to standard feeding and edibles for any kind of pet.

We cannot address the issue of pets without talking about very regular check-up and treatment of ailments. After careful checks and study we found out that many pets (including some owned by notable figures) that have visited Pet Planet Nigeria have been living with one (minor) ailment or another and have displayed warning signs that went unnoticed usually because of the busy schedule of pet owners or absence of pet knowledge for others.

Because of the size of some of these pets and their inability to relate to us humans in a way we can easily understand we usually cannot tell that a pet is sick until very significant weight is lost and the pet retract completely; at this time it’s usually too late for treatment as such the pet gives up in a matter of days.

We also do not want to take away the fact that an absence of credible/trustworthy pet handlers in Nigeria has seen us lose a number of pets that would have made the world more fun; but that’s why Pet Planet is here.
Essentially a lot of things matter when dealing with pets and the resultant behaviour is often dependent on the good treatment or otherwise given to them.

We urge you to contact a reputable organisation like ours duly registered in Nigeria and South Africa for purchase, training, consultancy and everything else in between as long as it has to do with pets; we guarantee utmost professionalism for desired results, our clientele which cuts across different cadres of life) can speak for us.