Making Life Meaningful for the Younger Generation


Godbless Eduviere
Uche Ahubelem Centre for Human Development (UACHD), a non-profit organization, recently held a seminar aimed at building people with passion who are ready to be leading change agents in the world. Tagged, “Basic Principles of Business Strategists” the seminar also also set out to enlarge human capacity as well as raise quintessential leaders.

Strongly committed to youth development, which is the surest approach to nation building, the UACHD Founder, Mr. Uche Ahubelem said the seminar was indeed a wonderful moment of entrepreneurial lessons and edutainment.

The event which lectured youths on mentoring, partnering, and setting up a business was graced by the likes of Tony O. Elumelu, CON, founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation, who was represented by his Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Adebola Adebanke; Mr. Gbadebo Olujare Adejana and many others.

Speaking on some of the challenges youths face in their quests to live meaningful lives, Mrs. Adebola Adebanke said, “An opportunity like this is a commendable one and Mr. Uche Ahubelem has done something significant with this seminar.

I have seen articulate young men in this room today so the challenges they are facing is not peculiar to only them. They want to know more about mentoring, partnering, setting up a business and these are things that we should begin to make more available to entrepreneurial or aspiring entrepreneurial. The other challenge is that the enabling environment is just picking up. So anyone who is in power, who is in government, or who has oversight of any function at all should do all his possible best to make sure the enabling environment is there,” she added.

Speaking on secret to success, she said a lot of people feel that doing business is all about money. “Doing business is not all about money, it’s also about ideas and knowledge. People need to be empowered mentally because I believe that if our youths are empowered mentally, it will go a long way to affect them for forth use of this nation. They can employ themselves and in fact be better in life if they can learn some of the things we are teaching them and put their hands to work,” she added.

On the challenges youth face in their quest for better lives, Ahubelem further said “I believe it’s all about people improving in themselves because the nation, Nigeria has been having issues in employment but I believe that when the mind is effectively alert, the best will surely come out. All you need do is to improve on us and be better. Discover what you can do and have value.”