Afenifere Claims Nigeria is Failing the Yoruba Nation


Following the recent killing of 15 persons in Imushin, Ogijo area of Ogun State and another 50 people killed last Thursday by suspected militants in Elepete and Igbo Olomu, borderline communities in Lagos and Ogun, pan-Yoruba socio-political group has said that Nigeria is failing the Yoruba nation.

Expressing Afenifere’s worries over the matter yesterday in a statement, the National Publicity Secretary, Yinka Odunmaki wondered why the police was unable to make any arrest in connection with the wanton killings whereas innocent lives were lost.

“To the Nigerian state we say you are shamelessly failing the Yoruba nation in this decisive moment and we are losing confidence in your capacity to guarantee our safety. Act now!, Afenifere stated.

The body was particularly disgruntled that “Just like in the first attack, the police has failed to make any arrest and instead has engaged only in feeble denial of the casualty figures by ridiculously insisting that ‘only two people were killed’.

“The latest police claim is as ridiculous as the remarks of Ogun Police Commissioner of Police, Abdumajid Ali after the earlier attack. The police boss who claimed the same militants had been behind the recent spate of pipeline vandalism and economic sabotage had said: ‘It’s not true that 15 people were killed there. The DPO Ogijo was on ground; he reported that only three people were killed and their bodies have been recovered from the scene’.

“He argued that if adequate measures were not taken, the militant activities may snowball into insurgency. He added: ‘The militants are finding it difficult in Niger Delta and Ikorodu area of Lagos State. They are now moving to our side in Ogun. They are the ones involved in kidnapping and sorts of crime. These boys are becoming lawless. It is the same group that killed NNPC officials, SSS and Navy officers in Arepo. They are responsible for lots of criminal activities in the area. Honestly, they should be treated like Boko Haram.’ Who has stopped him from treating them so, if we may ask”, Odumakin asked.

According to the failure of the police authority to apprehend any suspect in connection to the killings, the Afenifere said: “Empty lamentations, absurd denials and shambolic accusations with no suspect held to prove the top cop is doing what he is being paid for.

“We are deeply troubled that all accounts from the communities show that the security forces have not been of any assistance to the affected communities in all their travails.

“Our fears are now heightened that these nibbling attacks may be precursors to organised campaign of violent attacks to seize the peace of Yorubaland and destabilise the peaceful region.

“While we sympathise with all families that have lost their loved ones in these mindless and beastly attacks, we want to appeal to our people to be