True Federalism, Panacea to Nation’s Woes, Says Enugu Bishop


By Christopher Isiguzo in Enugu

The Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical province of the Anglican Communion, Dr. Emmanuel  Chukwuma said yesterday that only true federalism would usher in the reign of genuine peace and prosperity in the country.

In his “Presidential and Bishop’s charge delivered at the on-going second session of the 16th synod of the diocese of Enugu, at the Church of Resurrection Power, New haven, Enugu, Arch-Bishop Chukwuma noted that the present scenario where some sections of the country were alienated in the governance of the country was not in the interest of the nation.

He attributed  the prevailing turbulent moments cropping up in various parts of the country as the effect of nonchalant attitude and lip service being paid by people at the helm of affairs of governance to the yearning of the masses.

He mentioned the present agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra by MASSOB/IPOB, the threat and destruction of oil pipelines by Niger Delta Avengers, as some of the issues that necessitated true federalism.

Archbishop Chukwuma while pleading with the Niger Delta Avengers and other militants including MASSOB and IPOB, to down their tools, urged the Federal government to immediately commence the processes of national dialogue with representatives of the area on how to resolve the problems.

 “While the provision of infrastructure and sustainable development is important, there can be no peace in the area or any part of Nigeria, for the matter, If injustice to the people of the Niger Delta is not comprehensively redressed.

“Specifically, a truthful commitment to the principle and practice of federalism is what can bring peace and prosperity to Nigeria. The time for a strict adherence to federalism in resource ownership and use for the development of a united Nigeria is now”, Archbishop Chukwuma stated.

He further called on President Buhari to order for unconditional release of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the Radio Biafra Director/MASSOB leader  immediately, as one of the strategies of curtailing pressure in Igbo land. He also advised that people with proven integrity from  Igbo tribe should be appointed into choice positions in President Buhari’s cabinet, stating the South East zone of the country was also part of Nigeria.

Archbishop Chukwuma said, “Only a leadership that is totally committed to justice and a properly structured Nigeria can solve the identity, resource ownership and other crisis of development in Nigeria. Only a truly federal Nigeria  can find peace and progress”.