Finding Bliss at Airports with Aqua Massage


Murtala Mohammed local Airport (MM2) is not strong on leisure. Known for its brisk pace, travelers are always rushing to catch or alight from a flight. Though, delays or outright cancellations by airlines might keep them in the departure lounge for a while, the mood is neither one for leisure nor pleasure. So, for some, the airport lounge might just be the least place to have a 15 minutes aqua massage. Not this Wellness firm that has harnessed the power of water to produce a relaxed state of mind at points such as this airport, writes Omolola Itayemi

Catching a flight out of MM2, after the hassles of removing shoes and belts at the security counter, all I looked forward to was getting a meal before boarding the flight to Abuja. But something caught my eye, upon arrival at the large departure hall. It was a spa capsule next to the Sony gadget shop (they also have one at the VIP lounge upstairs), looks like we’re getting big on wellness, because next to the spa capsule is a health stand where one can check blood pressure and other health issues.

Hmm, a spa at the local airport, that’s definitely interesting, they’ve been at the international airport, Ikeja for the past four years. I approached the spa staff wearing the green t-shirts with ‘Wellness’ emblazoned on them. I found out that at N2,500 I could get a full body massage for 15 minutes fully dressed. That caught my attention and I decided to try it.

My travelling companion had mixed feelings about going into a capsule-like aqua massage machine. She doesn’t enjoy closed spaces. But she was wrong because neck-up, you are not in the enclosed space and they also have screens to cordon you off completely from starring eyes (I had quite a few staring at me, chuck it up to boredom or sheer braveness) providing more privacy for those who feel the area is opened.  But did that make her change her mind, no.

Belts off but every other thing stayed on and I was ushered into the machine stomach-down. Ear-phones playing the best of Phil Collins tried to lull me into a surreal state of mind. I tried but the sound of the water-jets (likened to 48 fingers giving a massage) kept me awake. Thirty-six computer controlled water jets simulate a personal “Finger Tip” massage with adjustable water pressure, temperature, and pulsating frequency to relieve pain and tension.

More like sixty fingers as my body was pummeled and every tight knot banished. No area was spared, fingertips, toes and back area. The pressure it comes with can be a little scary initially but you get used to it. Massage on my back foot left me smiling as it tickled me to no end.

The beauty of this 15-minute massage is its “Body Profiler” operating system with a touch screen control.  This sophisticated technology lets the operator or client easily select the pre-programmed Body Profiler to suit the client’s unique requirements, such as stronger pressure on the lower back and gentle pressure in the neck region.

Apolonius, the wellness instructor sure has experience in this because he selected the right programme for me. He paused the massage jets on desired locations such as my back (could he be psychic because of my frequent back aches) and thigh area (women will understand why).

I did time them and 15 minutes it was but it felt like 30 minutes or more. But I noticed the sound drowns out any other sound so might not hear any announcements of change of flight time or cancellations. It’s advisable to let the attendants know your flight time and airline so as to help keep an ear for any announcements in that light.

Keji Adebowale, the MD of Wellness said: “From the beginning, it was clear to us that our products had the potential to affect people’s lives in profound and lasting ways. The aqua massage sets to relax, revitalize and renew in just 15 minutes. Yes, that’s as long as it takes. You see, aqua massage has harnessed the power of water to help people enter a perfect state of mind and body for a feeling of well-being and renewal.

“This is new, we’ve just opened here last month but the traffic is more at MMIA where we’ve been for the past three years and more. We are all about well-being and we also have the massage chair and more. It really helps especially with the long-haul flights and people having more time on their hands after check-in. but that has not deterred us here at MM2 because it just for 15 minutes and the results are awesome.

With the rate at which young people are dying, we need to key into our well-being and aqua massage offers this and more. It relaxes the muscle and helps with blood circulation.”

After this, my flight was called and I had a very peaceful 40minutes sleep airborne

. The rest of the day was a bliss, no stiff points. And my night sleep, a very dreamy one.

So what are you waiting for, get an aqua-massage at MM2 when traveling next!