First Nigerian Online Condolence Register Debuts


The Nigerian online space is gaining more attraction and acceptability as more and more value-adding services are being added on the platform and the latest being the coming on board of Nigeria’s first ever, online condolence register,, a platform dedicated to support bereaved Nigerians to create memorial pages for their lost, loved ones.

Users of the online condolences register can also make funeral announcements and arrangements besides access to other useful information all for free.

The online company,, will also deliver to users standard hard copies of condolence register to clients including organizations and individuals alike within 24-48 hours depending on the location in Nigeria.

According to the founder and Chief Executive of the online company, Mr. Wole Temidire Aguda, the first ever condolence register will also assist in no small to foster data base for high motility rate in Nigeria which its record have been inadequate.

Aguda said users of the online condolence register will also benefit from a high quality premium hard copies which can be customised to fit their requirements, noting that other resources such as poems, quotes and literature will also be made available to users for free.

According to him, “I believe that the ultimate value of knowledge must be domiciled along the needs of humanity. Technology and every human intention should be unreservedly be used to improve human lives and that is why was born,” he said.

Commenting further on the usefulness of the initiative, the founder said: “We are also growing partnership with funeral homes and practitioners of hematological with a view to creating synergy to improve Nigerians capacity for coping in the event of the lost of loved ones. We are optimistic about the prospects of these ideas,” he enthused.

He said for the premium packages there would also be a minimums of five phone calls to people within the bereaved family, provision of a hard copy of condolence register, management and administration of offline and online condolence register in the home of the deceased and if required, VIP transport of family members on important days such as wake-keep and funeral among other value added services that might come with cost.

The founder said the added services are also believed to break the barriers caused by traffic, road congestion and distance as every data enabled phone or device will be able to access the wide range of services.

He said the devices provided on the platform of are also tailored to foster closeness and bonding between the bereaved families and the company whom the company can send messages and them in turn can preserve the memorial for a longer time through the use of the services.

He said as a measure to ensuring environmental sustainability, promotes protection of our national environment by reducing the negative impacts of deforestation required by paper production.