Alleged Wife Killer Commits Suicide

  •  As he dies of alleged self-administered poison

Chiemelie Ezeobi

Alleged wife killer, Jafaru Sougie, the man who purportedly murdered his wife, Rose, at the Oshodi area of Lagos, has died of the poison he ingested on the day his wife died.

The 48-year-old man died on Friday morning at the Police Hospital, Ikeja, where he had been on admission since May 26.

After he allegedly slit his wife’s throat, he was alleged to have drunk some poisonous substance in an attempt to commit suicide.

After his suicide attempt, the police was said to have questioned his mental state, as he never recovered from the substance he ingested.

On the day he allegedly killed his wife, he was found vomiting in the bathroom of their room and parlour apartment at about 4am by their son, Richmond.

It was the same son who ran into his parent’s room to inform his mother of her husband’s condition, but found her corpse and then raised the alarm.

Foremost activist and President, Women Arise Initiative, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, who has been following the case from the word go, was one of the first to announce the death of Sougie.

In a Facebook post on her wall where she showed the body of the deceased, she wrote, “Jafaru Sougie, the man suspected of murder of his wife in Oshodi is dead. This is terrible! #StopDomesticViolence.

“Just in case this may help discourage the next would-be victim(s) to decide not staying put until…am sorry to share this kind of photo, but we have hidden same for too long that people aren’t getting the meaning of #StopDomesticViolence.

“Late Jafaru Sougie thinned out dramatically till death. He had reportedly ingested dangerous substance immediately after the death of his wife.

“I’m sorry to share this, we sometimes have to let everyone see realities of why we say #StopDomesticViolence.”

Further details later