Firm Raises Awareness on Corrosion of Equipment, Integrity of Fuels


Ejiofor Alike

A Nigerian indigenous firm, Engineering Automation Technology Limited has moved to sensitise oil and gas industry stakeholders on the need to minimise or completely eliminate compromise in terms of corrosion mitigation and the integrity of quality of crude oil and fuels in Nigeria.

Speaking at a recent sensitisation and awareness workshop organised in Lagos by his company and the foreign partners, the Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Automation Technology Limited, Mr. Emmanuel Okon said no matter the integrity of an aircraft engine, impurities in the aviation fuel could bring down the aircraft.

“We have come to discover that the way the world is going globally and Nigeria in particular, if the quality of fuel used in both upstream and downstream is compromised, it leads to casualties. One of our products has facilities for testing aviation fuel. All of us know that there is no parking space in the air. No matter the quality and integrity of an aircraft engine, impurities in the aviation fuel can bring down the aircraft. Now, to avoid that risk, we decided to bring the product into this country,” Okon said.
Okon added that his company had also worked with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to the extent of acquiring the same competence as the manufacturers.

According to him, the company has received approval to serve as the in-country sales centre for the two products, saying the implication is that users of the products do not need to send back the products to the United Kingdom for servicing, repairs, maintenance, revalidation or recalibration.

“As I welcome you all our esteemed Customers, distinguished Regulators, members of the Press and concerned Stakeholders, I humbly place on record that history has again been made today by Engineering Automation Technology Ltd – EATech with this public statement of pursuing our“Technical Leadership” aspiration through excellence in sales of high end Products, Services and deployment of cutting edge technologies. Six years ago, the board and management of EATech in a well-attended Product Presentation and Business Forum where Dectron range of high end products were unveiled, registered its irrevocable commitment to partner the best OEMs to domesticate world class technologies and products. Therefore, this joint Products Presentation and Customers’ Forum is a practical demonstration of that modest Vision,” Okon explained.

Okon noted with satisfaction that the last six years had been an intervening period of intense professional search, identification and evaluation before adding the two OEMs show casing their products, to the list of prestigious partners and alliances.
Beyond the array of great products and on-hand experts to address customers’ immediate and remote challenges, Okon said his company’s partnerships and collaborations had been carefully packaged to achieve more than 50 per cent market penetration in the next two years.
According to him, in order to jump start this laudable but ambitious Pursuit, two Service Centres – ,one each for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are already operational at the company’s Port Harcourt Business Liaison Office.

“As part of the campaign introducing high-end products and cutting edge technologies, we have concluded arrangement to introduce superior alternative to “flash point” test for refined petroleum products. We hereby appeal for DPR approval to demonstrate this technology in a private presentation before unveiling to the general public. Benefits of this alternative method include but not limited to; Front-end elimination of impurities and improved fuel quality. Engine efficiency Improvement, mitigation of health risks to human and environment,” he added.