Universities in India Open 2016/17 Academic Year Admissions


Edusoft Associates, the leading provider of university admission services in the best universities in India, has announced the opening of the 2016/17 programme for enrolment.

This is with a view to starting classes in July/August of this year, Mr. Badri Prasad, Chief Executive Officer of Edusoft Associates Limited said.

With the increasing difficulties in accessing foreign exchange and high fees of schools in countries that Nigerians have traditionally looked up to for quality education, seeking equally good alternatives has become even more imperative, he said.

“Nigerians have realised that they can actually study in world class universities at a fraction of the fees charged by schools in the United Kingdom and the United States. Since degrees acquired in universities in India are at par with schools in the UK and the US, we have in the last three years seen an upsurge in the number of Nigerians studying in universities in India,” Prasad disclosed.

Some of the major attractions this year include the availability of scholarship to select students, siblings’ discounts in which one sibling pays the full fee and the other receiving huge discount on fees, transfer of credits from schools in the UK and the US to continue studying in India at a fraction of the fees in the previous school, including work opportunities for post-graduate students.

According to Prasad, “Education is increasingly becoming competitive globally. Universities in India have built the infrastructure and faculty to provide quality education to people from across the world.”

From the medical sciences to engineering and social sciences, Nigerians can study any course of their choice. “What we do at Edusoft Associates is to avail our professional experience to intending students to help them chose the course that best fits their career goal, and thereafter our wide network to select the school that best meets this need.

“In addition, visa process and post-admission services to enable students settle down seamlessly are provided by Edusoft Associates to ensure that the admission process is hitch-free. The major admission requirement is credit level passes in five subjects. No foundational, A-level or entrance examinations are required,” Prasad.